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OnCuba is a communication platform legally based in Havana through a press Bureau, recognized by the Center for International Press (CPI) of the Cuban Ministry for Foreign Affairs. It is owned by Fuego Enterprises, Inc. (FUGI), a public Northamerican company founded in Nevada, the United States, in 2004.

OnCuba’s mission is to promote different topics about the Cuban reality among the public opinion in the United States and connecting both markets in order to strengthen the bridge between Cuba and the US.


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OnCuba Magazine: It is a printed magazine in English with abstracts in Spanish. Its 22 000 copies are bimonthly distributed in the United States and available on Barnes&Noble bookstores, Books&Books, Hudson News, Newslink and the Publix Super Markets around the country. OnCuba Magazine also travels onboard of almost all the flights from the US to Cuba.

Editorial Line: It offers a unique insight into the Cuban reality. The Cuban cultural richness, the events which turn into historical moments of the country, the island nature, its economy and its daily life are some of the topics that this magazine is interested to show but through the eyes of the Cuban people, the people who has made the difference and make it every day.



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OnCuba Web: It is a daily updated news website about the Cuban reality. Its contents are due to the contribution of more than 200 journalists and other professionals all around the country. This website monthly interact with around 750 000 users online.




Art OnCuba: It is a quarterly printed magazine, specialized in Cuban visual arts. Art OnCuba is also taken account as a reference material for specialists, curators, art critics, collectors and business man interested on Cuban art. Its 5 000 copies are available on recognized bookstores and galleries in Cuba and the US, besides Barnes & Noble, Hudson News and Books & Books.




OnCuba Real Estate: This is the first magazine specialized in the Real Estate market in Cuba. It is a digital publication, quarterly updated with contents in English and abstracts in Spanish.




OnCuba Travel: It is a travel agency aimed to promote the exchange between the Cuban and the Northamerican people. OnCuba Travel offers customized programs for traveling to the Island which can vary from academic, cultural, social, business and many others, according the client interests with their visit.




Porlalivre: It is a public website with around 100 categories for announcing the most wanted classified products within the Cuban market. Porlalivre is daily updated and its objective is to promote the purchase of new or second hands products and the hiring services within the Island.




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