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Photo by Alain Gutierrez Almeida

How to travel to Cuba from the United States?

In the Trump era, can Americans travel to Cuba? The answer is “yes,” despite President Trump’s recent announcements. But it is recommended that they get information to comply with the new travel to Cuba restrictions. According to what Trump promised, the … Continued

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Photo: Roberto Ruiz

The wished-for economic growth

The growth goal (2 percent) is again becoming a focal point at the recently concluded first half of the year. I’m advancing some ideas about those factors that could have a positive impact on the economy’s growth. Growing a 2 … Continued

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Photo: Luis Gabriel

A better deal…for whom

When Donald Trump won the elections last November, we all felt we would have four years of a lot of work ahead of us. The scarce statements about Cuba of the then presidential candidate were not precisely encouraging. In any … Continued

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Inauguration of FIHAV 2016. Photo: Jesús Rodríguez.

Foreign direct investment also needs Cuba

Do not interpret the title as it is, this has nothing to do with the size of the Cuban market, with how decisive our economy is in the world or regional sphere, or with an enormous availability of natural resources … Continued

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Havana’s Malecón seaside drive. Photo: Desmond Boylan.

The Cuban economy’s roadmap

The news that the Plenum of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party had approved the documents that have been discussed throughout the country for almost a year is undoubtedly very good news. More than a million persons have … Continued

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Havana view from Norwegian Sky

Havana, ready to receive us

It was 11:00 am when my name was called. There were a great many of us, hundreds of men; of all heights, ages, colors…. Only family men, students, average men, inmates. I was just a little man who barely knew … Continued

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Photo: José Luis Medina (IPS)

Speaking of enterprises and entrepreneurs (II)

Our entrepreneurial world of today is surprisingly diverse, in the types as well as the size of the enterprises and in the regulatory systems they are subordinated to. We have everything, from the big enterprises to the personal endeavors that … Continued

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 The reform of the socialist state enterprise is a fundamental component in the updating of the economic model. Photo: Roberto Ruiz.

Speaking of enterprises and entrepreneurs (I)

The Cuban entrepreneurial world has experienced a significant diversification in recent years. For some that diversification is the logical way for the Cuban economy to adapt to the new conditions in which it has to live and develop; in the … Continued

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When water returns to the ground

Cuba has no water problems. That affirmation, just like that, in such a categorical way, is by someone some time ago. What called attention is that who affirmed something like this was an educated person, someone who had studied and … Continued

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The science making machine (II)

A few days ago baseball player Alfredo Despaigne batted a homerun that allowed Cuba to classify for the second round of the World Baseball Classic. Despaigne, luckily for the Cubans living in Cuba, has a contract with Japanese teams and … Continued

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