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Can the Cuban economy grow 2 percent in 2017?

President Raúl Castro said so himself on December 2015, and later during the second session of the National Assembly in June 2016: that the year that has just closed would be the worst of the last five years in terms … Continued

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Stiglitz and the Cuban economy

We economists once again had the luck and the privilege of having in Cuba U.S. economist, professor in diverse universities and Nobel Economic Sciences Laureate Joseph Stiglitz. Fourteen years ago, invited to one of the events on Globalization and Development … Continued

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The Art of the Deal

Is Donald Trump good or bad for Cuba? This is the question of the moment, for which it seems no one has an answer. The new president-elect has asserted and contradicted his position on Cuba, not to mention his already … Continued

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Photo: Miguel Ángel Romero

I’ve learned how to read and write

He actually didn’t know what all that meant. The uniform, the beret, the lantern, all that seemed as big as the very sun to him. She, on the other hand, was the same sister as always, but now wearing attire … Continued

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The miracle of the Vietnamese

“They work. They resemble fine silversmiths in everything they do, in wood, in mother-of-pearl, as gunsmiths, in textiles, in painting, in embroidery, in ploughs.” José Martí wrote this about the Vietnamese. There are reasons to believe that the Vietnamese carry … Continued

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Can We Learn from the Japanese?

Just a few weeks ago I met the ambassador of Japan to Cuba, Masaru Watanabe. We wanted to talk to him and interview him, motivated by the recent visit to the island of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The OnCuba … Continued

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The machine for the production of scientists and science

Three apparently indirectly related news items motivated these lines. Not too long ago the magazine Nature, one of the most prestigious scientific publications in the world, published an article where it affirmed that Cuban science can be “Global.” On Wednesday … Continued

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The Damned Blessing of Sugar Cane

Some historians say that sugar entered Cuba by Puerto Güincho, in Nuevitas, Camagüey, coming from the neighbor island Hispaniola. It came to stay, even in spite of ourselves. In a month or a little more, the sugarcane harvest will start … Continued

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Oil and our daily dependence

The news that the intricate village of Motembo, in Villa Clara, could rise up out of anonymity and play a decisive role in the Cuban economy over the coming years, hit the press over the last few days. Estimates of … Continued

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We’re Growing

Lately our mailboxes are receiving messages of support, concern and suggestions sent by readers and followers of OnCuba from all over the world, mainly from the United States. They are concerned about the predictable storm of criticisms coming from a … Continued

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