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Photo by Roberto Ruiz

Much more than growing

The 1.6 percent GDP growth in 2017 is undoubtedly surprising and surpasses by far the 1.1 percent growth of the first semester of this same year. Taking into account the difficult conditions in which it was achieved, the combination of … Continued

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Street vendor in Havana. Photo: EFE.

Improving the rules of the game

  Reuters’ news again submerged me in that so special relationship between our country and that other one: that during the last 60 years there have been governments set on making of Cuba what others, from Washington, have already designed. … Continued

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Photo by Kaloian Santos Cabrera

Foreign Direct Investment, Prosperity and Development

  Since the late 1980s, foreign direct investment (FDI) has been included among the potential resources Cuba has had to boost growth and development. One would have to affirm that FDI did its job and that it did it well … Continued

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Donald Trump yesterday in Washington DC. Photo: Shawn Thew.

What is the price of the uncertainty?

  The image of Donald Trump throwing rolls of toilet paper to Puerto Rico’s population and the news that the Department of State will appropriate (much more than wrongly) the moneys of many Cubans who paid for their right to … Continued

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Vedado, days after Hurricane Irma’s passage. Photo: Buen Ayre Visual.

Irma and sustainable development

  For many the coincidence of three hurricanes and an earthquake, almost all of them at the same time and in the same region, is the result of what we call global warming and which is none other than the … Continued

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Photo by Claudio Pelaez Sordo

Our everyday “self-employment”

“And so: yes or no? Do you remember when the fried food stalls disappeared?” Those were my friend Goyo’s welcome questions when he intercepted me after the news about the “temporary suspension” of the granting of permits to a group … Continued

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Cuban science and development

At the recent first session of the National Assembly of People’s Power, one of the relevant issues was related to the “activity of science, technology and innovation.” This was so given Cuba’s characteristics, its relatively little amount of natural resources … Continued

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Photo: Roberto Ruiz

The wished-for economic growth

The growth goal (2 percent) is again becoming a focal point at the recently concluded first half of the year. I’m advancing some ideas about those factors that could have a positive impact on the economy’s growth. Growing a 2 … Continued

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Inauguration of FIHAV 2016. Photo: Jesús Rodríguez.

Foreign direct investment also needs Cuba

Do not interpret the title as it is, this has nothing to do with the size of the Cuban market, with how decisive our economy is in the world or regional sphere, or with an enormous availability of natural resources … Continued

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Havana’s Malecón seaside drive. Photo: Desmond Boylan.

The Cuban economy’s roadmap

The news that the Plenum of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party had approved the documents that have been discussed throughout the country for almost a year is undoubtedly very good news. More than a million persons have … Continued

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