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Jorge Peña, known in the world of Cuban electronic music as GreenCh. Photo: Courtesy of the interviewee.

GreenCh: electronic music Made in Cuba

  For Jorge Peña, known in the world of Cuban electronic music as GreenCh, the musical point of view he defends is not the simple activity of mixing beats and tracks in a room full of young people dancing nonstop. … Continued

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Billboard: You are so theatrical!

Roll the curtains. Let the show begins. The 17th edition of the Havana Theater Festival is here. Cuban and foreign participants arrive to the capital to go on the stage. Theater, Society and Resistance are the mojos. No need for … Continued

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More than 1,200 young Cubans spent six weeks at the Harvard Summer School for Cuban Teachers and two weeks visiting iconic sites in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.

The Harvard Cubans

In the summer of 1900, five warships –the McClellan, the McPherson, the Crook, the Sedgwick, and the Burnside– carried unusual “cargo” from Cuba to Massachusetts. At the beginning of July, over 1,200 Cuban teachers from across the island arrived in … Continued

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Billboard: Cuban party

We’re always partying in Cuba, but this one in particular is a special one. We will have to travel to the western part of the Island, but it will worth it, for sure. This is how the week begins: Fiesta … Continued

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Ludi Teatro.PhotoLa Jiribilla.

U.S.: Cuban theater company function canceled for lack of visa

The Cuban Ludi Teatro Company will not attend Chicago’s first international Latino theater festival due to difficulties imposed by the Donald Trump administration to grant visas to Cuban actors, the organizers announced this Wednesday. In a press release, the executive … Continued

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Billboard: A bridge for art

We’ll start this week with welcoming the Cooper Fest and with it the cultural bridges. That’s why is the first thing you’ll find below so you can check the full program and enjoy. Over here, in Havana, we’ll also have … Continued

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Foto: Matthew Welch

Rufus Wainwright in Havana: Libre!

Rufus Wainwright is in Cuba. The renowned U.S. singer-songwriter of Canadian origin will be touring the city for four days together with his fans, who paid to form part of Wainwright Libre! Rufus in Havana and to enjoy an extensive … Continued

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Billboard: Cultural Life Back

Like a breath after the storm, Cuban cultural life begins again to bring some fresh air now that Irma is gone. Step by step institutions are cleaning up the dust and opening their doors one more time to start where … Continued

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Leslie Sardinias. Photo: Ana Paula Arboleya

You Have to Live Life, No One Can Tell You About It. Leslie Sardinias

Leslie Sardinias was born in Cuba, but he has developed his work fundamentally outside the island, first in Spain, where he lived for several years, and now in New York. Once you approach his work for the first time you … Continued

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Silvio Rodríguez in Summer Stage. Photo: Gabriel Guerra Bianchini.

Silvio’s angels in New York

Silvio Rodríguez sang “Cita con ángeles” on the natural stage for that song. At least three misfortunes of the “winged beings from another world” have an intense connection with New York: Martí, the “angel on horseback”; John Lennon, shot down … Continued

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