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Diana Fuentes Will Present New Album in Cuba

Singer Diana Fuentes has been absent from the Cuban stage for some time, but nevertheless her music continues to be in the soundtracks daily listened to by many of her followers. During this period of absence the artist has proven her talent as an actress in the Ecuadorian-Cuban film Criaturas abandonadas, and has also been involved in the organization of a new music production. What last February was still an incipient project today is a reality.

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The Greatness of a Family… the López-Nussa

Cuba is a musical island... Throughout our history there have been numberless representatives of this art genre that have become milestones of universal culture. Among them were families who dedicated their lives completely to this art, passing it from one generation to the next. Caturla, Vitier, Romeu, López Gavilán are only a few names of families whose art has manifested itself in different music genres.

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Carmen in Cuba… 45 Years Later

The curtains of the García Lorca Hall of Gran Teatro de La Habana rise, and an experienced Alicia Alonso, ballerina of worldwide renown, irrupts on the stage embodying a seductive and sensual gypsy.

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Madame Molinet

To my surprise, she lives in a small house in El Vedado, Havana, with blue French windows. When I arrived I saw her at the end of the hall. Rocking in the terrace she did not hear the door bell because she was watching a Spanish film. I called her by her name: “María Elena!” I tried it with her last name: “Molinet!” But still she did not lose concentration in the film they were showing that afternoon on TV. After a few minutes she realized that “someone was patiently leaning on the living door frame”.

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Hypnosis: Peculiar Image of Cuban Rock

La máquina del Siglo XXI (The 21st Century Machine) is the title selected for the show that Cuban groups Hipnosis, Chlover, Escape and Rice and Beans will present next Saturday, July 28, 2012 at 6 pm in the capital’s Maxim Rock hall (62 Bruzón Street between Ayestarán and Almendares Streets). The bands will play themes from their repertoires of the last ten years. The concert will be filmed in order to make a DVD. The first 100 persons who arrive at the theater will receive a CD with 12 unpublished songs.

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