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Luz María

Luz, the one from the Bote

For ten years Luz Maria has lived at the foot of the largest landfill site in Havana called “Bote de Cien.”  She is tall and thin and now she seems the wake of the dancer in a site in decline. … Continued

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Basurero en La Habana

Smothered or recycled??

In 1855 the Indian Chief Seattle, from the Washington Territory, warned us: “After several days, the dying does not feel the stench of his own body. You continue polluting your bed, and one night you will die suffocated in your … Continued

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The carrier and his truths

Osvaldo assures us that selling cheap people can make good profits Osvaldo Pérez Rojas is 48 and shows two titles of completed studies: one on veterinary and other on cuisine. But Osvaldo is a peasant, and lives on and for … Continued

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Deep down

OnCuba opens a new space for reasearch journalism which will delve into the issues that interest Cubans the most. The journalists of our section ¨Deep down¨ will dissert the reality from different angles, using a language where the internet user … Continued

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