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Photo: Ismario Rodríguez Pérez

Adidas wears Cuban design

Adidas officially got to Cuba in September 1998, José Miguel Pupo, the current representative of the brand on the island, affirms. That was a moment of splendor for Cuban sports. However, after almost 20 years Cuban sports no longer has … Continued

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Photo by Kaloian

Nail polish and empowerment shine at in-home salons in Cuba

Women who want beauty treatments at Salon Giselle must step carefully over piles of rubble and corrugated metal. Despite the plaster dust, peeling paint, and mismatched chairs, business at Salon Giselle is booming.  Feminine chatter and camaraderie flows as in … Continued

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The U.S. Oceania Cruises’ Marina cruise ship in Havana. Photo: Claudio Peláez Sordo.

As many U.S. visitors in Cuba as in all of 2016

A total of 284,565 U.S. citizens traveled to Cuba between January and May of this year, practically equaling the number of visitors from that country who arrived to the island in all of 2016. Josefina Vidal, director for the United … Continued

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Lobster fishing. Photo: Ronald Suárez.

Hamlets on the sea

One can see them in the middle of the sea, after several hours of navigation, and the first one does thing is to cross the fingers begging for not even a drop of rain or a storm. But it is … Continued

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Photo: Kaloian

Airbnb: 40 million dollars for Cubans in two years

The profits of Cubans who rent rooms or their homes or apartments through Airbnb totaled some 40 million dollars since April 2015, the technological platform reported yesterday in a report about Cuba. The company that connects home owners with persons … Continued

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Photo: Marita Pérez Díaz

Trump, more trips to Cuba

More than 40 U.S. travel companies and associations asked President Donald Trump to increase trips to Cuba instead of reversing them. The petition, signed by organizations like the American Society of Travel Agents and the United States Tour Operators Association, … Continued

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Expedia climbs on tourism’s “bandwagon” in Cuba

First it was AirBnB. Now it’s Expedia. No one wants to miss the tourist “boom” in Cuba. The accelerated growth in the number of U.S. travelers to the island, experienced after the reestablishment of diplomatic relations, and the dynamism in … Continued

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Photo: Robby Gallego

Cuba loses 57 percent of the food it produces

Fifty-seven percent of the food produced in Cuba is lost before it reaches consumers. This was affirmed by a report by Mundubat, a development aid NGO based in the Basque Country linked to Cuban institutions. The harvest and post-harvest losses … Continued

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Víctor Manuel Moratón (left) and Fabián Ruiz, the NinjaCuba team.

Cuban ninjas

Víctor Manuel Moratón works every morning in his nearest WiFi zone. He always gets there very early, going from La Timba to the park on 15 and 16 in El Vedado, where he will spend close to an hour connected. … Continued

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New golf courses in Cuba

In Cuba, golf is not precisely popular. Barely some Cubans can profess they know its rules, the characteristics of its courses and the use of its implements. Even so, the island is strongly betting on this sport…for tourism. Up until … Continued

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