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AN-26 of the Cuban Aerogaviota company. Photo:

Plane crash in western Cuba

A military plane crashed this Saturday in the Cuban province of Artemisa. A report from the Cuban Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (MINFAR), published by the daily Granma, says that the AN-26 aircraft took off at 6:38 this morning … Continued

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Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant. Photo:

Mississippi governor: “Cuba and the U.S. must resume talks”

The governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, asked the governments of Cuba and the United States to continue on the road of dialogue. Bryant, who on April 19 initiated a visit to the island, called on Trump to resume the talks … Continued

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Maria Grazia Giammarinaro. Photo: Joaquín Hernández/Trabajadores.

Giammarinaro: “Cuba is not immune to the trafficking in persons”

UN Special Rapporteur for Human Trafficking Maria GraziaGiammarinaro recognizes the Cuban government’s will to face this scourge, but warns that the island does no escape this phenomenon. After a four-day visit to Cuba, in which she met with civil society … Continued

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Cabaret Kursal, Havana, 1950s. Photo: Herbert C. Lanks/FPG/Hulton Archive/Getty Images.

The Camelot of the libido

Curves and sensuality are perhaps the two words that best define women’s fashion of the 1950s. While World War II (1939-1945) had brought modesty and contention in these dominions, during the postwar era the new look of designers a la … Continued

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Photo: Yaniel Tolentino

Let´s go to Cuba

One of the results of the historic relationship between the United States and Cuba was the existence of an entire infrastructure to transport merchandise and persons, a history that can be traced back in time and which reached its highest … Continued

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Photo: Irina Dambrauskas.

Mexico specifies there is no political asylum for Cubans

The Mexican government rectified what was said only a few days ago by Enrique Rivas Cuéllar, the mayor of Nuevo Laredo: the Cubans who remain in the city bordering the United States will be able to regularize their migratory status … Continued

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Cubans in Nuevo Laredo. Photo: Irina Dambrauskas.

Cubans in Mexico will be able to apply for political asylum

The Cubans stranded in Mexico after the end of the “wet foot/dry foot” policy will be able to apply for political asylum in that nation. That was the result of a meeting between the Mexican federal and municipal authorities, in … Continued

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Foto: Alain Gutiérrez Almeida.

Cuban cuisine, intangible heritage of the world

On Monday, rice with black beans, cassava with mojo and roasted pork were declared by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WorldChefs) as Intangible Heritage at world level. Although the recognition corresponds to Cuban cuisine in general, the association highlighted … Continued

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Photo by CubaOne (Facebook)

Millennials in Miami and Havana are “Together”

CubaOne Foundation, the country’s leading Cuban youth non-profit, released “Together,” a moving video filmed in Miami and Havana with over two dozen Cuban and Cuban-American millennials. The group call upon their generation to come together to build a brighter future. … Continued

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Photo: Carlos Y. Rodríguez

The Coffee of the Sierra

“Dawn coffee, bitter, just made, that the rooster’s faraway crowing brings to us in bed”. Eugenio Montejo   Dawn breaks in San Pablo de Yao, in the Sierra Maestra. While the sun rises, the sound of the pestling of coffee … Continued

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