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Patricia Zulueta on a visit to Oxford in 2015, an experience she hopes to repeat this year as a graduate student. Photo: Courtesy of Patricia Zulueta Bravo.

A Cuban’s long road to Oxford

Her name is Patricia Zulueta Bravo and she dreams with studying for a master’s in Oxford. “From where I come that only happens in movies,” she said the first time it was suggested to her. But the wish was aroused … Continued

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Senator Ron Wyden (D) is heading a bill to promote trade with Cuba. Photo: Newsroom / US Senator Ron Wyden.

U.S. senators in favor of trade with Cuba

A bill to promote trade with Cuba was presented this week by Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), a member of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee. Wyden’s proposal, titled U.S.-Cuba Trade Act of 2017, seeks to eliminate the restrictions of the more … Continued

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U.S. embassy in Havana. Photo: Raquel Pérez.

Cuba denies “attack” on U.S. diplomats

The Cuban government affirmed it has never allowed the island to be used for actions against foreign diplomats and said it was willing to cooperate to clarify some “incidents” that affected the health of officials of the U.S. embassy in … Continued

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Richard Blanco, navigator of reconciliation

The “presidential poet” cries once in a while. “I like to cry, I can’t help it,” and he laughs. He is smoking in the porch of a vintage café on 23rd Street, in El Vedado. This time he came heading … Continued

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Photo by Ramon Espinosa / AP

Cubans’ exits abroad have doubled

A total of 723,844 trips by Cubans to other countries were reported in 2016, a figure that doubled the number of exits abroad by the island’s residents since the migratory reform came into force four years ago. Between 2013 and … Continued

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Cuban migrants in a shelter in Los Planes de Gualaca, Panama. Photo: La Estrella de Panamá.

Panama about to repatriate last Cuban migrants

The Panamanian government is coordinating the exit of the last 95 Cuban migrants stranded in that country after the end of the U.S. “wet foot / dry foot” policy. According to the director of the Panamanian National Migration Service (SNM), … Continued

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Monsignor Nelson Jesús Pérez, Cleveland’s new bishop. Photo:

A Cuban bishop for Cleveland

The first bishop of Hispanic origin in an Ohio diocese is the son of Cubans. Monsignor Nelson Jesús Pérez was born in 1961 in Miami, where his parents emigrated to after the Revolution triumphed in Cuba, and he will be … Continued

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Traffic accident in the Sierra Maestra. Photo: Armando Contreras Tamayo.

Traffic accidents cause losses worth millions in Cuba

The 56,605 traffic accidents that took place in Cuba in the last five years left a toll of 3,696 deaths and losses estimated at 2.5 billion Cuban pesos (some 100 million dollars). The latest data represents between 1 and 5 … Continued

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James Williams during an interview with OnCuba last June. Photo: Ana Paula Arboleya.

Engage Cuba: bipartisan support will continue despite rollback

Two years after the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, James Williams, president of Engage Cuba, affirmed that the bipartisan support for rapprochement has increased in the United States and that this tendency will continue in … Continued

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The general director of the Cuban Foreign Ministry’s U.S. Department, Josefina Vidal, during a meeting with journalists after participating in talks with representatives of the United States in Havana, January 22, 2015. Photo: Desmond Boylan / AP.

Cuban team for normalization with U.S. renewed

Josefina Vidal, the public face of Cuban diplomacy in the process of normalization of relations with the United States, is leaving her post to become ambassador to Canada, according to the Cuban press. Vidal was sworn in yesterday together with … Continued

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