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Photo: Ron T. Ennis

United States changes its application forms and migratory rates

Starting this February 21 any migratory procedure of a person – be they of Cuban origin or from any other country – in the United States will only be able to be carried out if the new application forms of … Continued

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A delegation of U.S congresspersons and Cuban Parliament authorities in Havana’s Capitol Building. Photo: Tony Hernández /

U.S. lawmakers visit Cuba

A delegation of U.S. congresspersons on an official visit to Cuba toured this Monday Havana’s Capitol Building, the institutional headquarters of the National Assembly of People’s Power (Parliament). The group, made up by Democrat Senators Patrick Leahy (Vermont), Tom Udall … Continued

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Photo: La Nación

U.S. starts deportation of “inadmissible” Cubans

The United States has started returning, through charter flights, Cubans who illegally arrived in its territory after the elimination of the “wet foot/dry foot” policy. Up to now the persons who have been expelled were two women, who arrived in … Continued

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Photo: Maykel González Vivero

Miami is over, but there’s still Prague

“They’re going to leave anyway. There’s the custom of leaving. If since January they can’t enter the United States so comfortably, they’ll go somewhere else. Perhaps they’ll come over here.” Alberto Enrique says this. He’s writing now from a street … Continued

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Photo: Kaloian

Soul History

The guagua (bus) was several hours late to ferry us to Viñales. Pero, es Cuba (But, it is Cuba...), our indomitable leader— and soon-to-be lovingly nicknamed “Doña”—Cherie, reminded us, throwing her hands in the air. Before long, we would be … Continued

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Donald Trump in Greenville, South Carolina, last September. Photo: Richard Shiro / AP.

Trump’s pendulum

“Fifty years is enough,” he said in early September 2016. “The concept of opening to Cuba is OK,” “I think it’s OK,” he repeated. However there was a distancing: “But we have to make a better deal.” For starters, this … Continued

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The imaginary dividing line between the United States and Latin America. The first thing you see on the north side is someone looking through the garbage. On the south side, a beggar. Photo: Irina Dambrauskas.

Cubans on the border: nine last minute headlines

There are already more than 500 Cubans stranded in the city of Nuevo Laredo, the border between Mexico and the United States. Every minute that goes by the uncertainty increases their anxiety. OnCuba has sent correspondents to the place and … Continued

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Equestrian statue of José Martí in New York’s Central Park. Photo:

José Martí, from New York to Havana

In the southern part of Central Park, in the intersection with Sixth Avenue – also called Avenue of the Americas -, stands an equestrian sculpture of José Martí. The work is not located in Havana or in any other Cuban … Continued

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Cuban doctors protesting in Bogotá, Colombia, in 2015, demanded a reply to their visa applications. Photo: EFE.

Cuban doctors stranded in Colombia to fly to U.S.

A first group of Cuban doctors stranded in Colombia after the last migration agreements between Cuba and the United States traveled to Miami on a direct flight from Bogotá. They include around 20 health professionals who had abandoned their medical … Continued

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Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway and cocks fighting

Cockfights are very archaic, they date back to antiquity, and in Cuba it is speculated that it was Christopher Columbus who brought the first fighting specimens. Cuban authors and foreign travelers have described in detail the breeding, training and fights … Continued

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