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Photo: The White House

One year since Obama’s trip to Cuba

On several occasions, Barack Obama expressed a vision about the U.S. presidency as a relay race. The efficiency of his work in the White House implied the responsibility of handing over the baton to his successor in a better situation … Continued

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Limonar, "the most pleasant spring residence of the Island," according to Dr. Wurdemann. Photo: Taken from

Dr. Wurdemann’s Advices

In his Notes on Cuba, Dr. John G. Wudermann advised: “To invalids suffering from affections exacerbated by the cold of winter, especially to those laboring under any of the forms of pulmonary disease, Cuba offers a clime far superior to … Continued

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OnCuba in crescendo

If it is as George Orwell says about journalism: “printing what someone else doesn’t want published, everything else is public relations,” OnCuba is on the right path, in that search for the truth where there’s always someone who’s happy or … Continued

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The U.S. delegation with Cuban diplomats in the island’s Foreign Ministry. Photo: Cuba Minrex.

Republican representatives meet with Cuban foreign minister

A delegation of U.S. congressmen met this Monday in Havana with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla. The delegation is made up by Republican Representatives Tom Emmer and Jason Lewis, both from Minnesota; Roger Marshall, from Kansas; James Comer, from … Continued

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On the altar: The spell’s aim is to avoid President Trump from doing harm and to banish him from his post. Photo: Facebook / Mail Online.

Wiccas vs Trump

Trump is operating in the context of a divided and polarized society. He took over the White House thanks to the mechanism of the electoral college, questioned by the popular opposition (and its surroundings) for being old-fashioned and, ultimately, antidemocratic. … Continued

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Cubans in Nuevo Laredo. Photo: Irina Dambrauskas.

Miami is a dream in images

They sold everything, from their camera to their house. There isn’t even enough money left to buy a cell phone that takes good pictures. When they tried to see each other through a video call they ran into the technological … Continued

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Photo: Ismario Rodríguez Pérez

Congressmen: the advance of the rapprochement “is inevitable”

The U.S. delegation of congressmen which ended its visit to Cuba this Wednesday said to the press that the advance in relations between the two countries “is inevitable.” “I wouldn’t be today on one more trip if I didn’t believe … Continued

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Photo: Ron T. Ennis

United States changes its application forms and migratory rates

Starting this February 21 any migratory procedure of a person – be they of Cuban origin or from any other country – in the United States will only be able to be carried out if the new application forms of … Continued

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A delegation of U.S congresspersons and Cuban Parliament authorities in Havana’s Capitol Building. Photo: Tony Hernández /

U.S. lawmakers visit Cuba

A delegation of U.S. congresspersons on an official visit to Cuba toured this Monday Havana’s Capitol Building, the institutional headquarters of the National Assembly of People’s Power (Parliament). The group, made up by Democrat Senators Patrick Leahy (Vermont), Tom Udall … Continued

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Photo: La Nación

U.S. starts deportation of “inadmissible” Cubans

The United States has started returning, through charter flights, Cubans who illegally arrived in its territory after the elimination of the “wet foot/dry foot” policy. Up to now the persons who have been expelled were two women, who arrived in … Continued

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