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Wet foot, dry foot: Who’s gaining from this?

“One of my greatest hopes has just been dashed. The immense joy I felt on December 17, 2014 cannot compare with the immense sadness I have felt now. I can undoubtedly tell you that this is one of the saddest … Continued

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U.S. and Cuba hold talks on trafficking in persons

Trafficking in persons was the center of a new bilateral meeting held in Washington between Cuban and U.S. officials. The meeting, which took place January 12 and 13, is the fourth of its type since the reestablishment of bilateral relations. … Continued

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Charles Gordon, Cuban hero

The fall in combat 120 years ago of Lieutenant General Antonio Maceo y Grajales was celebrated last December 7. However, little is known that in the last days of the national hero, among the faithful followers who accompanied him there … Continued

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U.S. ends “wet foot, dry foot” policy for Cuban immigrants

Eight days before the end of his mandate, the Obama administration is putting an end to the so-called “wet foot, dry foot” policy that the United States has applied since 1996 until today with Cuban immigrants as part of the … Continued

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Barack Obama during his speech in Chicago. Photo: Charles Rex Arbogast / AP.

Obama in Chicago: Yes we could, also with Cuba

For Barack Obama the reestablishment of relations with Cuba is one of the principal points of his eight years of administration. He confirmed this on the night of this Tuesday in his farewell speech before some 20,000 persons gathered in … Continued

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Donald (almost) has no one who will sing to him

Inaugurations are a mixture of political-institutional rituals and shows. In 1993, Bill Clinton’s first term in office inauguration included Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, comedians Chevy Chase, Bill Crosby and Jack Lemmon. Bush Jr.’s had Ricky Martin, … Continued

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Less prisoners in Guantanamo prison camp

Barack Obama will reduce the number of prisoners his country maintains in the Guantanamo Naval Base before the end of his term in office. Even when he will not be able to keep his electoral promise of closing the prison … Continued

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Dear Sardà

If lovers of wine and love are bound for hell, heaven would be quite empty. RUBÁIYÁT OF OMAR The history of man and wine is lost in the origins of humanity. A legend tells that a king’s lover tried to … Continued

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Photo: Ariel Chang

Things about Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Christmas Eve supper, and that bucket of water that people throw out the window at midnight on December 31 continue being essential landmarks in the celebration of Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Cuba. Other rites, like cider and the … Continued

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Speech by Raúl Castro before the Cuban Parliament, December 27, 2016. Photo: Ladyrene Pérez / Cubadebate.

Raúl Castro: “We’re not heading nor will we head toward capitalism”

In his speech this Tuesday in the National Assembly of People’s Power, Cuban President Raúl Castro called for overcoming an obsolete mentality, full of prejudices against foreign investment. Raúl Castro stated he was against the fear of foreign capital. “We’re … Continued

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