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Espacio Laical

Viewpoints on Espacio Laical

During the last couple days much has been talked about the news on the resignation of the heads of the magazine Espacio Laical. In some media of the Cuban diaspora and in some websites, specialists or citizens in general have … Continued

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Joe Garcia: Cubans want to live in Cuba

Joe Garcia was born in Miami Beach, in October 1963. He is the son of Cuban immigrants. He was educated in a bilingual environment and in the love to Cuba. Today he is Congressman for District 26 of South Florida, … Continued

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Alan Gross

Cuba Statement on the Death of Evelyn Gross, mother of Alan Gross

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba  issued a statement on Wednesday in connection with the death of Mrs. Evelyn Gross, mother of U.S. citizen Alan Gross, who is serving a sentence of 15 years in prison on the island … Continued

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People implicated in methanol robbery are sentenced to imprisonment

A total of 13 Cuban citizens were condemnedto different sentences up to 30 years imprisonment as a result of an oral hearing carried out from 5 through 7 on a much-talked-about case of intoxication of about a hundred people who … Continued

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Coins for tomorrow’s bus

He took a look at and joined the long line of elderly people. By comparing himself with many of them he realizes he looks better. At the age of 73 he is still strong and slender. Though he can feel … Continued

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Let the gays come to me

Humboldt 52, the trendy gay bar, is as the likeness of stereotype. The show of the transvestite that imitates Rocío Jurado between spasms and blows a closed fist in the middle of the chest, and the congregation of pingueros (male … Continued

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Reasons for leaving

For Jaime Reytor it is hard to assume his current reality. He repeats his story over and over again with the precision of an English machine. He cannot believe it yet. First, there was a phone call, then fear, the … Continued

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Bultos postales

Correos de Cuba statements about sending i parcels to Cuba from abroad

In recent months, sending parcels from abroad to Cuba is affected by delays or losses. To explain the complicated process parcels go through to reach the recipient, the Correos de Cuba Business Group (GECC) held a press conference. Engineer Zoraya … Continued

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Michael Jackson three times in my house

Einstein was black, thin. His name of a genius, but he was a dancer. His generosity made things easier when finally showed us Michael´s latest move. One day bent his knees, that magical moment he stood on his toes. Michael … Continued

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Roberto Veiga y Lenier González

Editors of Espacio Laical magazine confirmed the resignation from their posts

Roberto Veiga and Lenier Gonzalez, Editor and Deputy Editor, respectively, of the “Espacio laical” (Lay Space), resigned their positions after ten years in charge of the publication, on their “free will” and “not as a result of any dismissal,” according … Continued

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