Highest grossing Cuban songs in the last decade

It is strange, geographically speaking, how far can the Cuban music go. The Cuban Agency Copyright Musical (ACDAM) told OnCuba that the main countries reporting profits for Cuba by the use of national songs are Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Finland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Greece, Norway, Austria and Italy.

The gross revenues from the use of Cuban musical works in 2013 were 37 million pesos between the two currencies (national and convertible pesos). Europe reported the largest amounts in 2013, while in Latin America were Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Cuba maintains more than 150 Reciprocal Representation Agreements, plus about 90 of Execution and about 60 mechanical reproductions with 93 international companies and 178 countries.

Highest grossing songs in the last decade are:

1. Un montón de estrellas, by Fernando Borrego Linares (Polo Montañez)


2. Contigo en la distancia, by Cesar Portillo de la Luz


3. Lágrimas negras, by Miguel Matamoros


4. Chan Chan, by Francisco Repilado Muñoz Máximo (Compay Segundo)


5. Mamá son de la loma, by Miguel Matamoros


6. La gloria eres tú, by José Antonio Méndez García


7. Yolanda, by Pablo Milanés


8. Dos Gardenias, by Isolina Carrillo Díaz


9. Para bailar casino, by Adalberto Cecilio Álvarez Sayas


10. Guajira guantanamera, by José Fernández Díaz (Joseíto)

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