OnCuba Magazine 15th Edition

OnCuba Edition 15

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To all mothers (and mothers-in-law like mine) we present this edition of OnCuba. Our offerings include an up-close interview with Cuban actress Blanca Rosa Blanco; a tour of Santiago de Cuba’s Morro; the attractions of the “Art for Mom” arts and crafts fair in Havana in May; an analysis of Cubans’ divided passions for soccer and baseball; the work of visual artist Luis Enrique Camejo; and a different analysis of today’s Cuban economy based on the perspective of a young engineer who is an independent businessman.

Stone, between water and sky

The truth is that you can let your imagination run wild here; there are nooks and crannies in this fort that seem to be frozen in time…

Entreprise with intelligense

Today, the little Purita plant can produce up to 200 kg monthly, but they are hoping to partner soon with the Empresa Agropecuaria Metropolitana to be able to produce up to 300 kg…

The dinosaur and the sofa

It is not a safe bet that soccer is taking over baseball –even though all signs seem to say so– because tradition is a tough meat to chew and even tougher to swallow…

Blanca Rosa Blanco: Being Cuban means not giving up on being authentic

She can’t walk down the block without being stopped at least 10 times… Meanwhile, there is no taxi or “almendrón” (classic American car driven as a cab) driver who would not happily take her right to her doorstep, something that is not always easily accomplished in today’s Havana…

Chronicle of an unexpected fight

When the show was over –the villain cowboys dead or in prison and the hero in the arms of his blond, chaste beloved– we headed for the exit and that is where Pepe and Alberto began arguing again.



Tahimi Aboleya

Directora editorial