American cars in Havana

Thousands of American cars from the 50s and 60s run daily through Havana, with a public transportation license for Cubans or as a tour service in CUC for foreigners. Most of them have grafts from other cars, especially oil engines in order to lower the price of the fuel they use to move.

For Cubans, “almendrones” hardly compensate the insufficiencies of public transport, while tourists enjoy museum objects circulating on an Island that seems to be stopped in time. For them, non-Cubans, strolling in the well preserved convertibles is a party that costs around 30 CUC per route (more than 30 dollars).

Chevrolets, Fords and the Buicks are the most circulating in Cuba, although Cadillacs, Mercurys and Pontiacs can be found in a lesser extent. All of them are considered pieces of cultural heritage by the Cuban State; hence they have no legal permission to leave the country.

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