Havana can be measured in decibels. The city is pentagram overflowing notes in shapes, colors and waves. To photograph the sound then an advantage: Havana is both bait and prey, and tells you when to shoot.

The portable SD cards and flash drives have become very popular devices to listen and share music in public spaces. And sometimes they are annoying, merge with the amalgamation of the sounds of the city and stun.

But they are both a source of exchange and social interaction. They are the thermometer to see what musical tastes are played between those who decide to break the isolation of the headphones and publicly share their digital files.

To Yadian, a farmer who sells from a cart in downtown Havana, the “equipitos” have a good price on the street. He bought his from a “partner” for 40 CUC which brought it from Ecuador and plays SD cards, flash drives and even can be connected via Bluetooth with cellphones.

The models and the size of these devices, as well as those who employ them are varied. A more discreet and almost personal, others coarse, overpowering; the truth is that part of the music of a capital city with infinite audiometric.

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