Graffiti artist

Yulier P. has been flooding the streets of Vedado, La Habana Vieja (Old Havana), Playa and Centro Habana for three years with his unique graffiti, where he finds most of his work. They are strange, sad and frightened beings who dialogue with the city and the people who inhabit it.

His pieces are souls that –said by himself, talk about the Cubans, their defects and their reality that is not exactly beautiful, “but complicated and aggressive”.

Photo: IHOS Plasencia.
Photo: IHOS Plasencia.

With old printing inks and varnishes of all kinds, Yulier P. goes to paint, in broad daylight, the walls and facades of the Cuban capital. The essence of urban art, he says, is the street. He looks for the centric places, above all, the most dirty and destroyed walls, to put face and color where there is not.

Photo: IHOS Plasencia.
Photo: IHOS Plasencia.



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