Drawing and text: Fabián Muñoz Díaz

At an auction, a yachtsman bought for 20,000 dollars a specimen of a blue cat, a breed native of the Cuban archipelago that fishers also call cat-fish tank. Looked at against the light, these cats irradiate a phosphorescent blue which makes it possible to see its blood flow (also blue) in scientific correspondence to the changes in the tides and the phases of the moon.

The cat was taken to the home of the wealthy man. He was taking a nap at the window against the daylight. Before going sailing the yachtsman would check the animal’s body. He would see in its stomach what the day of fishing would be like for him: the winds, hurricanes and shoals. He then called it Admiral Nelson; he decorated it and dressed it honorably.

But one day he saw in its stomach the surface of the water covered in dead fish. And on the other side, a cat – it was Admiral Nelson himself – that was sinking its paw in the sea and was getting away with the prey in its mouth.

The cat curled up until it formed a blue cushion before the window. You aren’t navy blue – thought the man while he tickled its brow – you are absinthe blue, and you have the Luciferian past of any cat in the world.

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