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Founded in 2004, Fuego Enterprises, Inc. is a diversified holdings company focused on business opportunities in Cuba and the United States with operations in Media and Entertainment, Telecommunications, Travel, Real Estate and other industries. Fuego Enterprises also publishes two magazines: OnCuba (www.oncubamagazine.com) and ART OnCuba, the first Cuba-focused monthly and quarterly bilingual magazine publication with national distribution in the U.S. Both magazines are published in hard copies and electronic formats and is distributed in select Barnes & Noble stores throughout the United States. They are also distributed in Cuba and OnCuba the official and exclusive “in-flight” magazine for almost all flights from the U.S. to Cuba.


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ONCUBA” magazine, written in English and in Spanish and available in print format bimonthly. Celebrating in each issue the excellent, the exquisite, the exemplary of Cuba, their cultural/economics events and their people. With original content and spectacular photography, packed in a easy to read format and a cutting edge design. The publication is a preferred in-flight magazine to associated charter airlines that have Cuba as their destination. Additionally is available for sale nationwide in Barnes & Noble; HudsonNews (Airports of Miami,Washington and NY); Publix Supermarkets (State of Florida region) and Books and Books (Miami area).



ART ONCUBA” A benchmark of Cuban visual arts production and a reference for scholars, curators and art critics, as well as for collectors and event managers.The first source for the international market that brings together everything related to artists, galleries, art centers, museums, collections, foundations and universities. Published quarterly and delivered to 200+ contemporary art museums and 300+ art galleries and private art collectors worldwide.Additionally is available for sale nationwide in Barnes & Noble; HudsonNews (Airports of Miami,Washington and NY); Publix Supermarkets (State of Florida region) and Books and Books (Miami area).


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ONCUBA.COM” A primarily digital outlet website, independent from the printed version and available across platforms and devices. Publishing daily original in-depth analysis, news and opinion on Cuba in the areas of socio- cultural, art-culture, economy and more.Armed with irreverent intelligence from our journalist and collaborators, The OnCuba.com website now reaches more than six hundred thousand readers per month.The OnCuba.com website is based in Havana, Cuba and is a key element in our communication media platform.



ONCUBA Real Estate” A quarterly digital magazine dedicated to the emerging real estate market of the Island, aimed to inform and illustrate since its inception the current reality of the real estate market and its development, addressing topics such as:.Values and architectural trends, interior designers, new development, renovations and new construction, among others.With original content and photographs, its available to read across different platforms and digital consumer devices. Allowing a wide dissemination, which will transcend the limits of US and Cuban market.



OnCuba Travel” The ultimate travel experience to Cuba  – It’s always personal for us. Whatever the region or city, OnCuba Travel (www.oncubatravel.com) will design custom programming and deliver a wide range of products and services. We don’t just travel, we create experiences of a lifetime. We speak the the language. We know the culture.  We know how to get you up close and personal for an experience of a lifetime.


Porlalivre” a public website with around 100 categories for announcing the most wanted classified products within the Cuban market. Porlalivre is daily updated and its objective is to promote the purchase of new or second hands products and the hiring services within the Island.


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