Moraleja: to celebrate with Mom

An Arabian proverb goes like this: paradise is in the mother’s lap, while our apostle Jose Marti stated that the arms of the mothers are like flowery baskets. The truth is that a mother is a sacred, influential and essential being to each of us. So, everyday, beyond the calendar and the significant dates, we must remember and remind her how important her presence and light is in our lives. It is close the date when we celebrate Mother’s Day in Cuba, the second Sunday in May and what better tribute to mom that to celebrate it in family, as she likes, taking her to nice place for dinner, so that she doesn’t have to cook or wash the dishes afterwards.

Among the various gastronomic places available in the city, there is Moraleja, a place bold and traditional at the same time, a restaurant with a very definite culinary taste. This space emerged from a family dream with the sole aim to please and captivate those who visit, with special emphasis on wine and bakery. With unusual decoration with baroque touches and melodies that generate positive energy, friendship and pleasures found shelter here without predefined limits.

A few steps from the downtown 23 and L corner, we find this restaurant that opened on January 25, 2011, after months of hard work by its owners and the whole working team. Located on the patio of a beautiful Vedado mansion from the forties, it has a special magnetism that is seen from the spacious and fresh entrance, its lounges (outdoor, air-conditioned and cava), its unique cuisine and excellent service.

With a selected menu all the customers’ tastes are pleased even the most demanding ones to which the chefs strives to entertain with their creations. The variety is extensive and ranges from our traditional and stylized food to unique and innovative gourmet recipes completely trendy; the common factor being careful selection of ingredients and bold presentations that enhance the textures, flavors, colors, aromas and natural food designs.

“Dreaming does not cost anything, so do not ever stop dreaming, you are in Moraleja and the dream will come true,” said the first sheet of the restaurant’s menu which compiles the creations of renowned chef Alberto Guerra, a graduate of recognized cooking academies in Europe and member of the selected Culinary Academy of France. From the door of the hall, the details of the place are thoroughly appreciated, from plants to the lamps that accompany the visitors to their destination, which can be n front of the grill, in air-conditioned rooms or in the bar, crowned by the original bells.

Olga and Jorge Luis, the owners, with several years of experience in the world of services learned how to please their customers and their needs are their priority, so with great effort and determination they created one of the most complete cavas of the country with more than 250 types of wine and a representation of the fifteen most important wine regions of the world, likewise they treasure a variety of liqueurs, rums, whiskeys and other elixirs in their bar that can also be yours, as it is at your disposal.

Every visit is a new experience, because both the culinary offerings as the site and its ornamentation are constantly renewed. It is also a quiet intimate, cozy, elegant, perfect for any occasion, such as a romantic dinner or to commemorate a family event the one coming up. A mix of modern and classic permeates Moraleja of a different swing, from the unique and ecliptic dishes to the furniture, are determined to rescue the traditions of the Cuban family from the early last century, fusing them with contemporary elements of great utility and style.
Clients, courtesy of the house once dinner is over, are offered an aged rum shot and a good Cuban cigar. Fort this Sunday of celebration, every mother who comes to the site will receive a surprise in addition to the special menu, in which the chef drew up, as philosopher and historian, our culinary heritage dishes as a tribute to mothers, the true teachers and housewives that can be enjoyed on Moraleja. These symbolic, delicious and appetizing dishes are in their honor.


Menu for Mom

Margarita Salad
Named after Olga’s mother, the owner of the restaurant, this fine vegetables salad, beans, red peppers, beans topped with a daisy made of cucumber and lemon, sprinkled with balsamic vinaigrette and aromatic sauce with wild strawberry.
Main course

Duck with lilies of the valley
Typical recipe of central Cuban fields where fruit trees flourish and a pretty amount of duck is consumed, the chef says. This time the duck is candied with juice and orange liqueur or mounted on a bed of pear and apple.

Sighs of air

A delicate meringue frosting clear egg liqueur filling and baked. Very traditional dessert, simple clothing like that many times mothers make to please their children, which will melt in the mouth like a sigh for its delicacy and smoothness to break into the palate.


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