Santa Teresa restaurant celebrates its third anniversary

Just as traditions and customs are born, stopping at the Santa Teresa restaurant in a neighborhood called Alturas del Casino in Camaguey province might become obligatory. The restaurant, specialized in Italian and Cuban cuisine, cannot cope with its clientele which increases proportionally with the quality of its food.

It started as a sunny backyard with barely a small guano ranch, but now it has become a gastronomic referent in the province. Rey, its owner, works incessantly for perfection and has made a race for improvement rather than for profits. The staff at Santa Teresa is aware of the fact that their presence there is not part of a mechanical servicebut an exercise of creativity. That’s why it is usual to see Rey encouraging his staff to take part in gastronomic events or looking for talents to take to his restaurants.

Now, the backyard has expanded and has an air-conditioned bar which offers attractive cocktails and a broad selection of wines, rums and liquors. Behind the bar, barmen perform acrobatics with bottles and cocktail shakers. Rey is proud of his work. The quality of food is excellent, prepared with lots of care and with fresh products from the town. Santa Teresa is the best place for having pizza in Camaguey, and it also offers home delivery service within the city.

Perhaps that’s the reason why, today it is an inevitable place for having a nice meal in Camaguey. If you go to Camaguey and don’t visit Santa Teresa restaurant, then your visit will not be complete. Thus traditions are born, out of practice and years. Santa Teresa restaurant celebrates its third anniversary already. So I invite you to contribute with its history.




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