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El Mesón de la Flota. Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.

El Mesón de la Flota: Passion Is Always True

It is necessary to agree with Federico García Lorca. “There is no map or exercise to search for magic.” Described in Andalusia as a mysterious and ineffable charm, the magic ran away to America more than five centuries ago in … Continued

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IMASUB, zoom to the Cuban seabed

Underwater photography is largely responsible for taking the aura of mystery away from the bottom of the sea, as much as it is also inevitable for those who have no experience of diving. Characterised by technological and human challenges that … Continued

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A roadtrip with Cubaoutings

What is the difference between reserving a guided tour from the hotel or risking it with an offer from a small private agency? In the case of Cubaoutings, it’s the personalised attention, accentuated by interacting with a small business whose … Continued

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King Bar: Where the client is king

The recently opened King Bar has set its sights on becoming the monarch of Havana’s night time bar and restaurant scene. “It’s designed to make an impact, to attract, surprise and above all offer a good time,” states the owner … Continued

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Photo: Jordi Rafel Bergé Virtual shopping, real results

Orquídea García lives on her own in the neighborhood of La Vigía, Camagüey. She suffers from various health problems and her daughter Teresa María Cordero doesn’t like her going out alone; so from Italy, her family ensures that she receives … Continued

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Islazul Hotels: A different way to discover Santiago

Santiago de Cuba, the island’s second most important city, has lots to offer travelers interested in city, nature or beach tourism. One of the first settlements founded in Cuba, Santiago celebrated its 500th anniversary this July, with its Antonio Maceo … Continued

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Up&Down / Photo: Alain L. Gutiérrez


It is an atypical establishment, with a striking architectural composition and interior design. According to Havana’s night owls, it’s one of a kind. Is it a restaurant, a bar, a party hall? Up&Down, located at the corner of 5ta and … Continued

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El Guajirito

Guajirito: Where tradition and haute cuisine meet

The Spanish word ‘guajiro’ comes from the English pronunciation of war hero, as Americans called the rebels from the Spanish-Cuban-American War, or so some claim. Actually the word comes from the language of the South American aborigines and means ¨great, … Continued

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Orfebrería cubana

Jewelry design route

JEWELRY DESIGN IS ONE OF THE ARTISTIC manifestations that has developed the most in Cuba in recent years. All over the country, diverses artists, some art school graduates and others self-taught, have enriched the country’s artistic heritage with excel- lent … Continued

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Moraleja: to celebrate with Mom

An Arabian proverb goes like this: paradise is in the mother’s lap, while our apostle Jose Marti stated that the arms of the mothers are like flowery baskets. The truth is that a mother is a sacred, influential and essential … Continued

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