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Gourmet in Cuba?

A gourmet is a person with a delicate, refined palate, a sophisticated connoisseur of combinations of flavors with the ability to discover and certify quality. That word also refers us to a whole philosophy associated with the restoration, origin and … Continued

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Gibara: basic guide for beginners in Cuba’s most beautiful town

Several months ago I went to Gibara, in the Eastern province of Holguin and I found a strange corner at the entrance of a bay surrounded by mountains. Though I didn’t find out why people call it the White Village, … Continued

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Santa Teresa restaurant celebrates its third anniversary

Just as traditions and customs are born, stopping at the Santa Teresa restaurant in a neighborhood called Alturas del Casino in Camaguey province might become obligatory. The restaurant, specialized in Italian and Cuban cuisine, cannot cope with its clientele which … Continued

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El Atelier: the real thing about auteur cooking in Havana

By Cecilia Crespo When the extravagant detective, Pepe Carvalho, a creation by Spanish writer Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, coined the term auteur cooking, he never imagined that in Havana, Cuba, would do such justice to this innovative way of cooking. El … Continued

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A lemon pie in La Guarida

At La Guarida restaurant (Concordia No. 418, between Gervasio and Escobar) people can enjoy one of the most delicious desserts in Havana: lemon pie with almonds. In fact, people can taste many other desserts, all of then certainly exquisite. Yet, … Continued

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Trinidad, prosperous city

Traveling to Trinidad, the third city founded by Spanish colonists in Cuba, is a trip through Cuban history and the country’s present-day reality. The first thing you sense is a city that is prospering. Its inhabitants are constantly involved in … Continued

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Pedro Luis Ferrer in Rancho Palco on Valentine’s Day

Cuban singer Pedro Luis Ferrer will offer a concert on Valentine’s Day at Rancho Palco. According to the author of songs like En espuma y arena, Inseminación artificial, 100 % cubano, for two consecutive years he has shared that space … Continued

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Melesio’s Grill, a hearty temple to the National Mammal

No one disputes the highlights of the gourmet, but in this country where everything is subordinated to the pig in its many elaborations is worth going to Meletius ‘s Grill, where the national mammal is honored in the best possible … Continued

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La Casa, 18 years of home cooking

A 1950s California-style house can become something more than a home. Led by an entrepreneurial family and the needed secret touch of sensitivity a home can be more than just walls, hallways and rooms and can turn into La Casa, … Continued

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Finding shelter from the rain at Santy’s House

Crossing the Jaimanita bridge a blue marlin wearing a chef’s hat winked at me and I feared that my old desire to eat fish had me hallucinating, but no … On a hipped roof, a marlin seemed to show me … Continued

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