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Hello Cuba!

The restoration of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States marks a historical turning point for both countries. In terms of tourism, various scholars are analyzing the possible impact that could be created by the elimination of U.S. restrictions … Continued

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Santiago de Cuba

The sun rises early in these lands; it pursues you. Even the shadows are luminous here, according to Antonio Ferrer Cabello, who paints musicians at the Casa de la Trova. That’s where I went on one of those scorching days. … Continued

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Re-Adjusting the Cuban Adjustment Act

Once again, a Florida politician has announced his intention of modifying the Cuban Adjustment Act to prevent Cubans who have been taken in by the United States as political refugees from returning to Cuba before becoming US citizens – that … Continued

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Cuba’s Black Hole of Public Opinion

We really don’t know here what interests our people, at least not with any certainty. Our Cuban “public agenda”, as the sociologists call it, is secret, confidential, and obscure. We lack independent pollsters interested in measuring and describing our collective … Continued

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“Congress should begin the work of ending the embargo,” said President Obama in his SOTU speech in January 2015..

Engage Cuba Advocates Normal U.S.-Cuba Relations

James Williams will be president of Engage Cuba, an advocacy group that will be launched in May to get as many votes as possible in Congress in favour of normalizing relations with Cuba. The organization has been described by The … Continued

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For Ruiz, dance and art are excellent ways for the Cuban and the American people to communicate

United by Dance

Pedro Ruiz is the first Cuban-American choreographer to work as associate artistic director for a dance company in Cuba. For over a year, he has been working with the Endedans Contemporary Ballet Company from Camaguey, a province in central Cuba.

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NBA Delegation Arrives in Cuba

An NBA delegation has just landed in Havana. As announced less than a month ago, former NBA players and other representatives will be in Cuba for four days conducting training clinics with local athletes and visiting sports facilities. The trip … Continued

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Photo: Gov. Cuomo's Twitter account

NY’s Governor Is in Cuba

New York’s Andrew Cuomo has become the first American governor to visit Cuba following the beginning of talks to normalize diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba. Cuomo is in Cuba heading up a state trade mission delegation made … Continued

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Cuban Civil Society and the Debate

If the quarrel between civil society representatives sent from Havana and civil society representatives shipped over from Miami took us back in time some, the civility of the encounter between presidents Raul Castro and Barack Obama pointed towards the present … Continued

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Béisbol cubano

Equality and social justice

Baseball players abroad with millionaire contracts are not the only ones making such profits. There are also some other sectors that are making profits within current legislation and there is no need to migrate for good. This is good news; … Continued

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