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Michael Jackson three times in my house

Einstein was black, thin. His name of a genius, but he was a dancer. His generosity made things easier when finally showed us Michael´s latest move. One day bent his knees, that magical moment he stood on his toes. Michael … Continued

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Walking down the Street of cinemas in Camaguey province

As part of the 500th anniversary of the Eastern Cuban city of Camaguey, its inhabitants have arranged a great many architectonic projects as for instance the thematic promenade through the universe of the Seventh Art nationally and internationally. The street … Continued

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Sugar mill

Several national media announced that on November 20 the harvest would begin again in the country. It was then spoken of a “recovery” of the harvest, an “improved sugar performance,” a” lift in the production,” a” new dimension of the … Continued

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Waiting for the Roosters

My grandfather was a stubborn peasant fond of baseball, not to baseball; he was fond of the Sancti Spiritus Roosters. Since the first team of this province appeared in the 17th National Series, in 1977, my grandfather never failed to hear … Continued

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Take those ideas off your head

I had spent three entire months in Havana without house, food and love. And gathering such absences in a single line could be excessive, but there is no other way to say these things unless I tell you that I … Continued

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Half the water

The residents of Seibabo , in the mountains of Trinidad, central Cuba , seem not to be aware of the political-administrative division that because of the  several decades that have passed no longer looks so new. They cross over and … Continued

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Second-hand writer

When I arrived in Havana, even without taking off the dust of the road, the first thing I did was to find out where I could buy something to eat. I was really starving, like any other Cuban innocent who … Continued

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Write me a telegram

 I could begin saying that the story I want to tell you is real, that it happened to me and no one told it me. And it’s a legitimate artifice, it is clear, but I won’t say that for a … Continued

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Rhapsody from over there

“Today before dawn, I went up to the hills, I looked at the skies humming with fireflies and said to my spirit: When we know all these worlds and the pleasure and wisdom of everything they contain, Will we be … Continued

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The forbidden

I know a few who miss Alfredito Rodriguez with all the strength of their hearts. Like it or not, Alfredito was an extremely popular singer. He had as many admirers as detractors. When he left Cuba many suffered it and … Continued

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