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Archivo Chronicles

The theft of the giraffes

Forget trying croquettes made out of giraffe neck, and if you want them wear a pith helmet and go on safari to Africa, because the story that they had been stolen from a National Zoo was just that: a story… … Continued

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Cinema blues

When I was five or six, to the west all ended in Mexico cinema. It was right on the top of San Anselmo hill, so from my door, three blocks down the same street, it looked it was into the … Continued

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The noises of the night

 Traveling by train is like a poem, but more exciting. It is like committing murder, but less morbid; and as daring as dancing a strange song, in a strange room, with an unknown couple . The train starts and you … Continued

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Some men and others

Many cargo trucks, large eighteen-wheelers with containers, some military jeeps and Suzuki motorcycles in and out from La Campana. They are seen by the narrow road always doing the same route. They enter the village, in silent, and then leave … Continued

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One bar in my cell phone

And if a horse barks we will never know it because the horses do not bark.

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Humble philosophy of a bag

OnCuba Briefly, a bag can be used to carry things. But let’s not repair in the simplicity of that statement. Being Cuban you feel the huge need to carry things, therefore, to carry bags. Note that I say being Cuban … Continued

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Cunagua, the rule of silence

I spoke the other day of Cunagua and a reader wrote to me: “I would like to know more about the batey (town built around a sugar mill). In the early sixties I did a harvest there. It was a … Continued

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Outstanding Havana Nightclub Turns 53

Gina Leon “shakes” old loves with her calm voice. She is accompanied by the sound of a guitar and Cuban percussion. The diva sings the song ¨Alejate¨, like the homonymous hit of Roberto Cantoral, and recalls the 1960s when she … Continued

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Without much fanfare

1990 was a hard year to Cuba and of course, to any other place at the expense of the Gregorian calendar. Carlos Alberto Gonzalez is a handsome mulatto, a tall guy whose age is below 25 and who is thinking … Continued

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Hitchhiking in Cuba: types and circumstances

My father had a car whose engine roared in a way that I knew very well, and not just because I was endowed with a keen ear. For a long time in my life-in a short life, you go where … Continued

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