Archivo de Chronicles

Archivo Chronicles

Pig anatomy

I do not even want to remember it, the memory is quite painful: at half past five they sued to drag the pigs out of the barnyard, throw them around the yard in the middle of their bawling, then immobilized … Continued

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Crystal Mountain

Genaro has to do with women and Manolo not so much, and Genaro to land and Manolo too, and the two are related, in some way, with the Japanese and spring, and the height and superstition, and blue empty bus … Continued

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An unusual Italian

That a foreigner is living in Cuba like at home, and on top of that with his own ration card and in a humble place, can be for many an act of madness. Rafaelle Testagrossa (a Cuban nationality Italian citizen) … Continued

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Bicycle Thieves

A picture like that’s nearly impossible to get in Havana. Everyone here cares for his bike as if it were worth their weight in gold. But in the countryside life is more sedated, and there are still people who leave … Continued

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Z Street just got another hole. It is a beautiful, jagged and brittle hole. A perfect cavity, worthy of a perfect left foot sprain. Wet still in her amniotic fluid is just a small little boo-boo on the asphalt, but … Continued

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Benny’s birthday

Almost at once I read a story and I get an email about it. This weekend young Cuban singers will honor Benny Moré in the occasion of his 94th birthday. A concert will be held at the Theatre of the … Continued

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Arroyo Blanco, so much blue and green

The highest I’ve gone in my life is the Heliografo Hill in Arroyo Blanco. My friend, the historian Adrian Garcia Lebroc, said we were about 300 meters above sea level. To tell the truth it seemed thousand to me. It … Continued

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Living in Caimanera, the nearest town to the naval base at Guantanamo

Inside the Community   People have to cross two military checkpoints to access Caimanera, one of the most famous Cuban towns internationally because there is, since 1903, an American naval base. The military facility, also known as Gitmo, occupies 117.6 … Continued

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Yera Town

Yera town has a grocery store and a woman is responsible for it, another woman who wears her jet-black hair to her waist is in charge of the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution ( CDR), there are also … Continued

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Travelling children

This summer, as all previous ones, is really when children start leaving. They have been packing their bags for days. They put in them the human and the divine: bizarre toys and chocolate breakfast, the last book he received, the … Continued

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