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El Biky Restaurant. Photo: Alain Gutiérrez.

Beyond the 50 chairs

At the beginning 12 chairs were allowed in what according to popular saying was called a “paladar,” taking the name from a restaurant in a famous Brazilian soap opera everyone watched on TV in Cuba and turning it into a … Continued

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Illustration: Alina Najlis.

It was femicide, and that matters

It was not one more homicide: it was femicide. After this precision, Leidy Maura Pacheco Mur will continue dead; her son, an orphan; her family, torn apart; Cienfuegos, dismayed. However, it is important to specify this. Leidy Maura On September … Continued

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On everyone’s lips

Always slim and delicate, to the point of awaking that genuine fondness of others when one is very small. That, while there was no bullying by the others, those who were studying in higher grades, or one of them pointing … Continued

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Shooting of “Sergio and Sergei.” Héctor Noas plays the role of a Russian cosmonaut. In the background to the left Ernesto Daranas, the film’s director.

“Sergio and Sergei” as global format

  The first thing spectators see when they go to see Sergio and Sergei (2017) is a screen that reads: Mediapro. Further on, RTV Comercial comes on. The first is, according to the firm’s page, “a leading group in the … Continued

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The salt of justice

One can live being sick, but one cannot live without justice, my dad, who loved to exaggerate so that the importance of the law could be better noticed, used to say. He repeated to me many times that the only … Continued

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Learning from tourism without having to go to China

It is true that there is a great deal to learn about the economy, not just from China but also from Vietnam and other many countries, including some from our region. But it is also true that we still have … Continued

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Mountaineering and exports

High risk sports (mountaineering, scuba diving, parachuting, all of them) require very clear, easy to understand rules that transmit simple signs and shape the individual and collective behavior of those who strive in those practices; rules that will allow for … Continued

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Photo by Claudio Pelaez Sordo

Stockpiling, commerce and planning

A feature article, “El papel lo aguanta todo” (Paper Puts Up with Everything), which appeared in the newspaper Invasor about the state-run enterprises of one of Cuba’s provinces with high profits, has, as always, a great many and varied readings. … Continued

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Miguel Díaz-Canel holding hands with his wife Lis Cuesta, talks to voters on March 11, 2018. Photo by Ramón Espinosa / AP.

A new time

Like many of you, I also spent hours in front of the TV set watching Miguel Díaz-Canel’s election as the new president of our country. For most of the Cubans, it was undoubtedly a historic moment. Raúl Castro kept his … Continued

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Photo by Alex Heny

And the small and medium enterprise?

When at the start of the process of transformation of the Cuban economy President Raúl Castro presented the need to have a more rational state apparatus he mentioned that some 500,000 workers would have to be taken out of their … Continued

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