Archivo de Blood on the board

Archivo Blood on the board

Total beauty

Most likely, Johannes Zukertort would have not exchanged his kingdom for a horse, but would have given his life in exchange for a combination on the chessboard. That was, in his opinion , the secret key of happiness. This Polish, … Continued

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The size of his hope

Nobody ever imagine how much optimism and passion that Danish had in his soul. His name was Bent Larsen, and he could have been anything he liked in this life. He, fortunately, chose chess. He died in the twenty-first century, … Continued

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Chess Player and Musician: Smyslov

He loved music and chess. For the first he had a magnificent baritone voice, through which he offered concerts during tournaments accompanied on the piano by another Grandmaster: Mark Taimanov. But the Bolshoi Theatre did not select him, and then … Continued

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Fatal Attraction

There was, back in the eighties of last century, a film that shook the Earth’s loving shaft, in which Glenn Close got into the skin of a schizophrenic who made ​​ life miserable for Michael Douglas . However, the original version of the film, which is called ¨Fatal Attraction, ¨ seems to have been filmed in London in the distant 1912...

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The symphony of Steinitz

Wilhelm Steinitz was no longer world champion when he played his best game of chess. He lost the crown in the spring of 1894 against young German Emanuel Lasker, but a year later, while everyone thought his talent was gone … Continued

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