Archivo de Letters from Cuba

Archivo Letters from Cuba

El aumento de la productividad de las empresas no está siempre en manos de los trabajadores / Foto: Raquel Pérez.

The egg, the chicken or management of the henhouse

A few days ago Granma newspaper referred to the need to improve productivity to increase wages calling for greater sacrifice of the workers in order to create more wealth as the only way to improve their incomes. But the truth is that many times Cuban workers are not the real responsible for increasing productivity and efficiency, but the directors of their … Continued

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Gastronomía en Cuba

The virtuous circle

The slow pace of reforms in Cuba is been justified on the grounds that they do not want to make mistakes. Each step they move up is preceded by a pilot period during which they assess the consequences of changes. … Continued

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Latin America, the backyard

United States has had to yield to pressure from Latin America and accept the participation of Cuba at the Summit of the Americas. Barack Obama had no choice, having held the veto would have meant the end of these presidential … Continued

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Revendedores en Cuba

Causes and consequences of the black market

The Cuban press has set its crosshairs on resellers as if it were a story, as if only now they seem to realize that there is a black market dealing in every corner of the country with everything that can … Continued

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Cuba and USAID’s skeletons

News agency AP seems determined to make publicall plans by the US government in Cuba. First, they revealed Alan Gross –the US citizens imprisoned in Havana—had smuggled communication systems so sophisticated as to be used by the Pentagon and the … Continued

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Vladimir Putin y Raúl Castro en La Habana.

The Russians returned to Cuba

Rarely in half a century, you get the chance to witness a full circle of history like this that Cuba and Russia just closed. Of course, the relationship will not go exactly through the same parameters but the essence is … Continued

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Agricultura en Cuba

Agriculture: between peasants and clerks

Finally, the Cuban government decided to throw a lifeline to agriculture, eliminating the bureaucracy that stifles it. 6400 administrative jobs disappear along the entity responsible for distributing agricultural production. It is a bureaucratic apparatus, known as Acopio “Collection” which was … Continued

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Five years fighting corruption

The Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) turns 5 years and the anniversary is celebrated with the most important graft trial, where heavy prison sentences were asked for prominent foreign businessmen and top Cuban officials. The appointment of Gladys Bejerano … Continued

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Televisión cubana

“Vivir del cuento”

Last week on the island began a campaign to lower Internet prices and immediately Marti Radio and TV, U.S. government media that broadcast propaganda toward Cuba- announced that they would use networks to send their message. They say that the … Continued

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Béisbol cubano

Equality and social justice

Baseball players abroad with millionaire contracts are not the only ones making such profits. There are also some other sectors that are making profits within current legislation and there is no need to migrate for good. This is good news; … Continued

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