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Carnavales en La Habana

Going to carnivals

I confess not without a certain melancholy: I’ve never enjoyed the Carnivals of Santiago de Cuba. In my only experience I was too young and I had no company of town friends or time to get into the classic Trocha. … Continued

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Varadero, 1980

I don’t always have a clear idea of what I’m going to say when I sit down to write my editorial. This time, to find a little inspiration I decided to look over the more than 3,000 photographs that I … Continued

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Bad company

I hadn’t thought of Yero for a long time, custom took me almost to forget him. However, the night of June 10, cloudless and without waves, I remembered him a lot, for twenty or thirty minutes. This seems so little, … Continued

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A piece of Havana in Madrid Theaters

I have practiced for a few years the theater criticism. I have suffered the same that happened to my teacher Rine Leal. The author of ¨ The Dark Jungle¨ confessed that sometimes he had envied the anonymous spectator who when … Continued

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Kramer vs. Kramer II

Victor Mesa and Ariel Pestano stole headlines at the end of the series. But let us not just focus on the field. We would all agree that, despite the emotions, there hasn’t been throughout the playoffs a soap opera more … Continued

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William and Liz (Princess Liz)

A few days ago I got an unexpected call, one of those that you don’t feel like answering because you sense that what you’re about to hear will affect your state of mind. The caller was so insistent that his number engraved itself … Continued

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A Cuban in Borges´ Olympus

What surprises me after two readings of ¨Los límites del texto: autoría y autoridad en Borges¨ , newly edited by Verbum, is that whom for many was youthful passion, or unjust silence claim, has become a few-words and modest man...

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Pending prizes

On Cuban filmmaker Ian Padron can be said that “he has a very fastball.” This baseball image becomes meaningful in the case of the author of ¨Fuera de liga¨, a documentary about Cuban baseball that withstood years of silence. Padron … Continued

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Fatal Attraction

There was, back in the eighties of last century, a film that shook the Earth’s loving shaft, in which Glenn Close got into the skin of a schizophrenic who made ​​ life miserable for Michael Douglas . However, the original version of the film, which is called ¨Fatal Attraction, ¨ seems to have been filmed in London in the distant 1912...

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Foto: Adriana Rodríguez

There is only one mother, and that goes for fathers, too

As a child, I used to hear people say, “There are plenty of fathers, but there is only one mother….” I have no idea where this famous saying came from, that is, who came up with the idea of defending, … Continued

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