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I am honest and a good dancer

About Facebook-like television or even the aircraft in the early years of the consolidation of their respective empires, people used sometimes to speak ill for being very intellectual or singular person and contrary to everything. I recognize its dangers and … Continued

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Abilio Estévez

Abilio’s Pearls

Solemn acts usually arrive late and obey rather to situational circumstances. Some other times it is not like that. And in the second group is the day that the Luis Cernuda Chair of Seville paid just homage to the formidable … Continued

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Beyonce. Right. What else?

We do not know if Beyonce's presence is something symbolic or if it was only a wife’s whim. Her marriage was turning five and she wanted to know an exotic location, or an exotic region: the Caribbean.

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Although it is fashionable

I recently read an essay with a pair of remarkable ideas. One of them said that if we cross the desert, if we were ready to cross that desert of love, it was to later have something left, at least something strong and perishable as friendship

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Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of traveling to Cuba knows that the Miami-to-Havana flight goes by almost like the blink of an eye; it is not just any flight. The abnormal situation begins the moment you decide to … Continued

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The symphony of Steinitz

Wilhelm Steinitz was no longer world champion when he played his best game of chess. He lost the crown in the spring of 1894 against young German Emanuel Lasker, but a year later, while everyone thought his talent was gone … Continued

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The largest mafia…

 …lives in the Vatican. Calle 13.   That’s right: the Pope is Latin American, but he is a Pope. That is, we can’t make a party of it. It does not matter if he is Argentine, Lebanese, or Italian. He … Continued

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I have a bad habit. I remember important dates with days and sometimes weeks in advance, but a few hours before I completely forget them, as if I turn off the alarm in my head. This brings, of course, serious … Continued

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Carlos Acosta: Leading Writer

Carlos Acosta has debuted as a fiction writer with Pig’s Foot, a novel that charts, they say, the history of Cuba from the nineteenth century to today, and has been included on the Waterstones 11 annual list of the books most promising debut novels in the United Kingdom.

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I know one thing: that I know nothing…

I know people who think they know everything…. In the name of knowing everything and defending an opinion, judgment or viewpoint, many errors and even injustices have been committed, some of them irreparable or difficult to amend or compensate…. Acting like you know everything, when everybody or a large majority depends on your decisions, is irresponsible. I admit that in the past, I have been a victim of the “know-it-all” syndrome.

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