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The machine for the production of scientists and science

Three apparently indirectly related news items motivated these lines. Not too long ago the magazine Nature, one of the most prestigious scientific publications in the world, published an article where it affirmed that Cuban science can be “Global.” On Wednesday … Continued

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The Damned Blessing of Sugar Cane

Some historians say that sugar entered Cuba by Puerto Güincho, in Nuevitas, Camagüey, coming from the neighbor island Hispaniola. It came to stay, even in spite of ourselves. In a month or a little more, the sugarcane harvest will start … Continued

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Oil and our daily dependence

The news that the intricate village of Motembo, in Villa Clara, could rise up out of anonymity and play a decisive role in the Cuban economy over the coming years, hit the press over the last few days. Estimates of … Continued

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We’re Growing

Lately our mailboxes are receiving messages of support, concern and suggestions sent by readers and followers of OnCuba from all over the world, mainly from the United States. They are concerned about the predictable storm of criticisms coming from a … Continued

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When this animal dies (and hopefully he have a long life) there will be no more rhinos in the Zoo of Havana. There are no elephants, so the hippo and the rhino shares the honor of being the biggest attractions … Continued

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The situation and development in Cuba

Having a development plan that runs until 2030 does not mean that in 2030 Cuba will be a developed country. Now that the archipelago has begun to discuss the documents from the Seventh Party Congress, where the development model that … Continued

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Cranes and scaffolding are often symbols of progress, but it has not been clear to us how far that progress will involve us. But, if the city grows, if you change your face for the better … it’s something. Most … Continued

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The urgency of infrastructure for development in Cuba

If we could calculate how much, in terms of lost revenue, services no longer lent, and interrupted labour, we would have in our hands a very illustrative resource to help understand just how important it is to rely on a … Continued

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Norberto and Antuan

Antuan is a very good friend, a successful and well-known man in business and politics, he seems to have it all, except Cuba. He is the son of exiles, those who let themselves be consumed with hate, bitterness and the … Continued

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We have embassies

By the time you get this edition of OnCuba, Cuba and the United States will have their respective embassies open. It’s an important diplomatic victory for both countries, and also an unquestionable advance for the people of Cuba and the … Continued

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