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Most of the money spent on a Cuban newborn during their first year of life is used to buy disposable diapers. Photo: Raquel Pérez Díaz

SOS Diapers

“I submitted an application to go work in Ecuador,” a Cuban university professor tells me, explaining that “I don’t have any other choice. My mother’s health deteriorated and I need money to buy her adult diapers. You can’t imagine how … Continued

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The lifting of restrictions on US-Cuba travel will bring the island new challenges. Photo: Raquel Perez Diaz

From a city under seige to a city to visit

When this post is published, Josefina Vidal and Roberta Jacobson, the two women tasked with re-establishing diplomatic ties between Cuba and the United States, will be at a meeting, the starting point of a long road leading to the normalization … Continued

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Censorship in Cuba: The Thirst for the Forbidden

Not even comedian Luis Silva has been spared from TV censorship. Some 40 years ago, Spanish and Italian censors prohibited the screening of Bertolucci’s Last Tango in Paris, calling it an obscene film. Thanks to this, French cinemas were flooded … Continued

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The faces of Charles

In one of the seven or eight conversations we had, Charles Hill spoke of his fear. That is, Charles Hill is a very strong man, and fear is not carcinogenic and ordinary fear that makes each one of us dumb, … Continued

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Will it be the end of USAID´s spells?

“With mixed emotions I informed President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry that I will resign in the middle of February 2015,” said Rajiv Shah, director of USAID, realizing that the policy of his country is on very different paths … Continued

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En un balcón de La Habana, a partir de una fotografía de la agencia AP.

Cuba yes! Yankees …?

This week I open a parenthesis to talk about what everyone talks about. My tales of Belize can wait seven days. The news obviously has rocked the country. Few, very rarely, the National Television News has information so overwhelming. Maybe … Continued

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Photo: Raquel Pérez

My Havana

Some of my friends make fun of the fact Havana was named one of the seven wonder cities of the world. They write about the large heaps of garbage on the streets, the miraculous endurance of ruined buildings, the geysers … Continued

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Photo: Raquel Pérez

Congratulations Paquito

During my childhood in the Uruguay neighborhood where I grew up, we called “maricón” (fagot) anyone who did not show the courage to climb a tree, put the foot as it should be in the football game or exchange a … Continued

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The problem with HIV is that you always think that you won’t be infected. Thinking that another one is going to get it is one of the handiest or unconscious defense strategies. If not for it , probably we would … Continued

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José Manuel García-Margallo in Cuba / Photo: Raquel Pérez

Just leave us alone

With the visit to Cuba of Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, the Popular Party (PP) finishes a 180 degrees turn in its policy of isolating Havana, driven by former president José María Aznar, who promoted the European Common Position … Continued

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