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Foto: Claudio Peláez Sordo.

The road is to build

Speaking of relations between Cuba and the United States has been and still is a delicate issue whether in Havana or Miami. Contributing, being a pioneer, defending the improvement of relations, no matter the good intentions, or having made this … Continued

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Photo: Luis Gabriel

A better deal…for whom

When Donald Trump won the elections last November, we all felt we would have four years of a lot of work ahead of us. The scarce statements about Cuba of the then presidential candidate were not precisely encouraging. In any … Continued

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Havana view from Norwegian Sky

Havana, ready to receive us

It was 11:00 am when my name was called. There were a great many of us, hundreds of men; of all heights, ages, colors…. Only family men, students, average men, inmates. I was just a little man who barely knew … Continued

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Photo: AFP.

Dry Feet

There are few things that arouse so many emotions in a Cuban living outside Cuba as seeing a photo, hearing and speaking about the Malecón, or about their barrio. Happy moments and sorrows, satisfactions, memories, yearnings, contradictions of the country … Continued

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Photo: John Taggart / Bloomberg vía Getty Images.

The Art of the Deal

Is Donald Trump good or bad for Cuba? This is the question of the moment, for which it seems no one has an answer. The new president-elect has asserted and contradicted his position on Cuba, not to mention his already … Continued

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Can We Learn from the Japanese?

Just a few weeks ago I met the ambassador of Japan to Cuba, Masaru Watanabe. We wanted to talk to him and interview him, motivated by the recent visit to the island of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The OnCuba … Continued

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Photo by Amílcar Pérez

We’re Growing

Lately our mailboxes are receiving messages of support, concern and suggestions sent by readers and followers of OnCuba from all over the world, mainly from the United States. They are concerned about the predictable storm of criticisms coming from a … Continued

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Norberto and Antuan

Antuan is a very good friend, a successful and well-known man in business and politics, he seems to have it all, except Cuba. He is the son of exiles, those who let themselves be consumed with hate, bitterness and the … Continued

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We have embassies

By the time you get this edition of OnCuba, Cuba and the United States will have their respective embassies open. It’s an important diplomatic victory for both countries, and also an unquestionable advance for the people of Cuba and the … Continued

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Pepe’s Ashes

His knees hurt very much; they were like two old rusty hinges. He could hardly see. His tears became condensed and stuck to his pupils, forming a cloud that caused him to only see black and white, sometimes only black. … Continued

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