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Pepe’s Ashes

His knees hurt very much; they were like two old rusty hinges. He could hardly see. His tears became condensed and stuck to his pupils, forming a cloud that caused him to only see black and white, sometimes only black. … Continued

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Photo: Roberto Ruiz

A Cuba that I want

A very young Cuban artist approached me recently to say hi, and he used the opportunity to make a comment that surprised and pleased me. Not all young people have succumbed to being seduced by the “privileges” of capitalism; most … Continued

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It was 6:58 a.m. when the phone rang. I was meditating and I jumped. I never put the phone on mute, in case of a family emergency. Startled, I answered without looking at the caller ID. A familiar voice, somewhat … Continued

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Los Van Van / Photo: Rolando Pujol

The Rolling Stones of America

I don’t remember the date very well; it must have been wintertime in the late 1970s or early 80s. We were in high school, dressed in blue, and everybody—except me, because I didn’t know how—was dancing to a big hit … Continued

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Round trip

I have recently noted an avalanche of young Cubans who have exchanged the island for Miami’s beaches and nightlife. Precisely now that Cuba has begun to take small but sure steps toward an economic opening, which could well provide a … Continued

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I got her call an afternoon that was boring but beautiful, one of those days where you don’t expect or need anything, and you’re just feeling good from such spontaneous, simple beauty. Everything seemed perfect with me, on the outside. On … Continued

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Investing in Cuba

With an import-dependent economy and no major natural resources, and blockaded by the world’s most powerful country, it is easy to understand Cuba’s enormous battle to achieve sustainable economic development. Despite the changes wrought in recent years, the Cuban government … Continued

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Foto: Escuela Cheng Ming de Argentina

Deaf politician syndrome

For more than 50 years, my adopted country, the United States, has subjected my native country, Cuba (and even more sadly and disturbingly, its people, my people) to an exhausting, unjust, and inhumane embargo and economic blockade…. For me personally, … Continued

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I would guess that he is about 55, maybe 58, but no older…. He needs a few more wrinkles and a few more gaps in his memory to be 60. He tells me that he lived for almost 10 years … Continued

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I really don’t remember the exact day of this incident—a conversation that ended up with a scar on the head of my friend Carlitos. Lately I’ve been remembering events but not their dates. We were both kids, short in years … Continued

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