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A few days ago, while I was reading news about the city where I live and the city where I was fortunately born, an idea came to me that I would make into a reality, if it were up to … Continued

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David the Cuban

David is much younger than me, is a better dancer (anybody is a better dancer), and smokes and knows as much or more as I do about Cuban cigars. His Cuban music collection is larger than mine, and it’s not … Continued

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Varadero, 1980

I don’t always have a clear idea of what I’m going to say when I sit down to write my editorial. This time, to find a little inspiration I decided to look over the more than 3,000 photographs that I … Continued

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William and Liz (Princess Liz)

A few days ago I got an unexpected call, one of those that you don’t feel like answering because you sense that what you’re about to hear will affect your state of mind. The caller was so insistent that his number engraved itself … Continued

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Foto: Adriana Rodríguez

There is only one mother, and that goes for fathers, too

As a child, I used to hear people say, “There are plenty of fathers, but there is only one mother….” I have no idea where this famous saying came from, that is, who came up with the idea of defending, … Continued

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Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of traveling to Cuba knows that the Miami-to-Havana flight goes by almost like the blink of an eye; it is not just any flight. The abnormal situation begins the moment you decide to … Continued

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I know one thing: that I know nothing…

I know people who think they know everything…. In the name of knowing everything and defending an opinion, judgment or viewpoint, many errors and even injustices have been committed, some of them irreparable or difficult to amend or compensate…. Acting like you know everything, when everybody or a large majority depends on your decisions, is irresponsible. I admit that in the past, I have been a victim of the “know-it-all” syndrome.

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The patio of my house is very special

I have always liked patios. The four houses that surrounded mine had large patios that overlapped, forming a giant soccer field. At least, that’s how I remember it. Bitter orange, lemon, sweet-apple and Spanish lime trees filled the patios of my childhood…

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No to consumerism and a giant “yes!” to happiness

Christmas and New Year’s are almost here…. In a few weeks, Christmas songs will begin playing on radio and television to the point of saturation; even Chicho, my dog, can hum José Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad.” My mouth will go dry from repeating “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” so often, and I’ll get a pain in my right wrist from signing so many holiday cards. 

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Havana, the city where I was born

Although I was born in Havana, the city where my parents also were born and lived, I was taken to live in Varadero when I was very young. In Havana, my father, immersed in his zeal for music, began to make a name for himself and his quartet, Los Zafiros, and my mother applauded his efforts from the seats and balconies of the city’s most prestigious theaters and nightclubs. My teen years in Varadero were an experience that I would repeat if it were possible to return to that age, when I would leave footprints in the sand and dream about mermaids and starfish. 

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