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The faces of Charles

In one of the seven or eight conversations we had, Charles Hill spoke of his fear. That is, Charles Hill is a very strong man, and fear is not carcinogenic and ordinary fear that makes each one of us dumb, … Continued

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Antonio Pacheco, el Capitán de Capitanes de Santiago y de Cuba, brilló primero como jugador y luego como manager.

¡Oh, Capitan, my Capitan!

Antonio Pacheco –as well as Omar Linares, Germán and Víctor Mesa–is part of a highly exclusive patrimony. I don’t think we are going to question the legacy of other illustrious Cuban sports figures contemporary with these baseball players. Sotomayor and … Continued

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johan cruyff

Sport and the World Cup (II)

The goal of our favorite team shakes us, but if the goal beyond what it nature demands it (add a point to the scoreboard), if it is something that goes beyond our expectations only by kindness, without it, then, I … Continued

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Baseball in the verge of absurdity

The Cuban Team lost the Caribbean league in the stickiest way in which a national squad has ever done it. To add insult to injury one week later arrived to Havana Barry Larkin and Ken Griffey Jr. and nobody cares … Continued

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Anger machine

Poverty may be, but what can not be is dishonor Ever since I can recall my family has strictly applied this phrase by Jose Marti and my father repeats it nonstop. In a context like ours, it is necessary to … Continued

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Red chronicle

It is a gray afternoon in which I take the phone and my mother tells me that the neighbor was murdered. I ask for details. My mother is in Cardenas and I am in Centro Habana. He was found dead … Continued

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October ninth

Che Guevara died; his portrait was on the cover of Life magazine. There are few faces as intimidating as the faces of this man. In one position or another, in an act or another, in this or that country, as … Continued

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Absence means forgetting

It is curious. In Cuban journalism is about anything but journalism. It’s like a black hole. It has the necessary attributes, laws of physics suggest that it should exist, but it remains an accident, a depression indiscernible in the turbulent … Continued

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Does knowing how to read mean knowing how to walk?

At some point I will have to give up reading. It might become harmful if it is not already. There is a point where all you get from books is knowledge, but knowledge does not pay nor justify corrosion. Knowing … Continued

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Yellow ribbons

Four of the five Cuban security agents imprisoned in the United States, serving visibly excessive sentences for the legal violations they committed still remain there. Among manydecent reasons, which were then publicly crucified with laudatory campaigns and posters, one might wonder whether the initiative proposed by René González, sending a message to the American people through their own symbols, is really genuine. Cuba has used many times a generous idea as confirmation … Continued

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