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A visit to the studio of the artist Martha Jimenez

Bursting into an artist's shop or studio, without prior notice, may be an unfortunate act. Without meaning it, you can kill an idea before it hatches, scare away a gesture that could have been the beginning of a promising path, the happy ending of the chasing after an image, a word, finding the thread that leads you to that place you have got just a glimpse of for so many nights.

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Dancing around Cuba

Lovers of contemporary dance in the island will have an excellent opportunity to enjoy this art as the dancers of the Compañía Danza Contemporánea de Cuba (Contemporary Dance Company of Cuba (DCC) will go up to the stage of several provinces. The company, which in April this year was acclaimed for its performances in Europe, will start later this month and un early October a tour of the island. The journey kicks off in the easternmost part of Cuba, where they will perform on September 22-23.

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First Cuban Santa Bárbara

These days, Yara movie theater premieres the documentary Copa y Espada, produced by the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC) and directed by Lourdes de los Santos. The audiovisual story broaches the theme of the religious syncretism existing between Santa Bárbara, Catholic patroness of the Spanish shipyards, and Shangó, deity of the Cuban Yoruba religion, and her deep roots in popular culture, particularly during the celebrations on December 2, 3 and 4 that take place in the municipality of Güines, province of Mayabeque, since 1860.

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The World of the Dance Glances at Havana: Pre-Festival Strokes:

As the title of a book on the dance by Cuban journalist and art critic José Luis Estrada Betancourt reads, the world will dance in Havana at the end of October and beginning of November when the curtains of the 23rd International Ballet Festival of Havana will be drawn.

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Painting Cuba

Dozens of visitors daily cross the threshold of the The eye of the Hurricane (El ojo de la ciclón) Studio Gallery, in the corner of O'Reilly and Villegas, in Old Havana. Many leave without knowing that there, the molds that were used to melt the statue of Ernesto Guevara crowning the Revolution Square in the city of Santa Clara, in the central province of Villa Clara, were built.

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Showroom in DanzAbierta Style

One of the most dynamic and renewing companies of Cuban contemporary dance is back on the stage. Interesting about the work of DanzAbierta is their ability to blur the limits that may exist between the different styles of dancing and interpretation; to create bridges, to go from one state to another without being noisy or tedious. Their most recent performance took place a few months ago, exactly in March 2012, with the choreography Showroom of the authorship of master Susana Pous and music by X Alfonso.

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Vestido de novia (Bridal Gown)

As reported by the website of the journal Mujeres: "Laura de la Uz, Isabel Santos, Luis Alberto García, Jorge Perugorría and Mario Guerra are the actors and actresses with whom filmmaker Marylin Solaya will work in her first feature, Vestido de novia". 

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Gallo, Creator of a Different Museum

Photos: Michel Aguilar East of the Cuban capital, in the neighborhood of Alamar, there is a very special museum known as The Garden of Affection. Its creator is Héctor Pascual Gallo Portieles, known to everyone as Gallo (Rooster). The peculiar place invites to relax and is also a space to reflect; however, visitors are frequently seen laughing while visiting it.

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Corina Mestre: perfection and mastery

There are not enough words to describe the feeling of the public when Corina Mestre takes the stage. Her presence causes an overwhelming feeling of awe and wonder in the audience, who know in advance that they are to enjoy a fine performance. Overflowing with experience and talent, Corina is again recognized for her wonderful work. This Friday, the Cuban actress will receive the distinction Espejo de Paciencia (Mirror of Patience), the highest culture recognition in the central province of Camagüey.

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The faces of Havana

Photos: Michel Aguilar and Alain L Gutiérrez A long time ago, more than sixty years, the illustrious and somewhat forgotten chronicler Eladio Secades pondered this: "Among us, an honourable secret? Is Havana truly joyful?"

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