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Our Lady of Charity: symbol of Cuban identity

Next September 8 will mark 400 years of the mystical appearance of the image of the Virgin of Charity of Cobre, saint patroness of Cuba. Her arrival in this land forever transformed the idiosyncrasies of those born into it, and now, four centuries later, those who worship her maintain a faith that transcends the logic of reason.

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Turning waste into art, that is the passion of Grethell Rasúa, a young Cuban artist who offers a very peculiar service: she makes articles to wear or use at hose with body waste or liquids of her clients. She combines excrement, tears, blood, urine, semen, earwax, hair, saliva, with silver, gold, plastic, pearls, fabrics, resin, among other materials, to create jewels, clothes or decorative objects for the home.

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Secrets that Identify Cuban Dancers

The National School of Ballet trains dancers with very high technical and artistic level and a particular way of dancing that distinguishes them in any part of the world.

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The Blue Cha Cha album by Manuel Galvan

The best gift Cuban guitarist Manuel Galvan left us before leaving forever was his album "Blue Cha Cha". This work shines among his entire musical production and the Cuban music scene for its achieved eclecticism. In it Galván makes his, alongside Cuban and foreign musicians, the universality of music and appropriates, with his usual mastery, various genres, styles and sounds that manage to build a clear and long dialogue between past and present.

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Macho or what??

Often, there are more studies on women. It is difficult not to find in a bookstore Cuban four or five books that address that topic. Perhaps it shows part of the machismo that has marked human societies for millennia: “the male gender doesn’t need to be researched because it enjoys a privileged position, because he knows himself and does not require the help of science like women do , since the last ones have been ignored and weak to the demands of society.”

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María Viván returns to the stage

The García Lorca Hall of Gran Teatro de La Habana presented this weekend the piece María Viván by the Compañía de Danza Combinatoria Rosario Cárdenas, as part of the activities on the centennial of the famous Cuban dramatist Virgilio Piñera (1912-1979).

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Solas, an invocation

Just a few years ago, the director Humberto Solas left the world of the living. And as every man who has used the little time of stay which is offered, he bequeathed us a big piece of itself, preserved and reborn every time you play his movies, Lucia, his “Manuela”. Stories that will flutter from mouth to mouth until a voice brings them out and an ear capture them.

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Abelardo Lopez, a Father in “Hopelessly together”

His dream was to be a pilot but even though he couldn’t fulfil his dream, fate made him an actor. More than once Abelardo López has proved his talent in the theater, that’s why he got to play Ernesto Che Guevara on stage. Well-known in Cuba by giving life to Colonel Marcelo in the Tras la Huella series e trail, this time he plays Candelario in the big scren. In this latest film by director Jorge Luis Sanchez, Inevitablemente Juntos (Hopelessly together), Abelardo becomes the father of a wealthy family of the posh neighbourhood of Miramar.

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In Havana… the King of the Jungle

The historical cannon shot at 9:00 p.m. announced from the Fortress of San Carlos de La Cabaña that it was time to start. The amphitheater of Habana Vieja’s historical center was lit and the animals took possession of it. I am not using metaphors nor was this a show of the national zoo. Since the last days of July 2012, the theater company that performs in this space of the city has been presenting El Rey León (The Lion King), directed by maestro Alfonso Menéndez and inspired in the Broadway classic.

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Amidst Dance and Lecuona…

One hundred years are now being celebrated of the great Ernesto Lecuona’s La comparsa, a unique piece in the music repertoire of our country. This extraordinarily Cuban composition creates the image of a carnival dance through its notes and the intensity of its rhythm and movement.

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