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Most Cubans living in villages move to the cities by these trucks, with no minimum security / Photo: Raquel Perez.

Private transport vans: If you are greedy, you will end up with nothing

Private transportation vans in Cuba have become a means, which although have somewhat eased the precarious transport situation, that is one of the most dangerous, due to the high speeds at which drivers drive, passengers supersaturating and defective technical condition … Continued

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Gas stations sell thousands of liters of fuel in the black market / Photo: Raquel Perez.

Underground fuel channels

Legal fuel business in Cuba is controlled by the state, whose institutions trade internationally, fixes retail prices within the country, distributes in points of sale and supply. But then, that’s the legal business because the real deal, perhaps the most … Continued

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Never public transportation has worked well in Cuba, not even when they had Soviet aid / Photo: Raquel Perez.

The sad story of Cuban transportation

There are few sectors in Cuba that have accumulated so much inefficiency for many years as the public transportation. Things didn’t work well even in the time of plenty, when Soviet aid was counted by billions and oil was paid … Continued

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The interprovincial tickets black market includes the employees of the terminals / Photo: Jorge Carrasco.

“Everyone has to live”

In Florida, Camagüey, Olivia’s family used to have a business. Her mother, grandmother, brothers and cousins took advantage of living opposite the Railway Terminal, and waited in long lines to buy tickets, which were then resold in the same Terminal … Continued

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Much of the population travels hitchhiking, even within cities / Photo: Raquel Perez

Treaty on “hitchhiking”

Waiting patiently for the 20, 30 or 45 seconds of red- light, depending on the traffic light, and lean out in a hurry on the window of the first car stopped in front of you, maybe summarizes the act of … Continued

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The state vehicles sell in the black market part of gasoline they are assigned / Photo: Raquel Perez.

Saving tank-tank: the closed cycle

Joaquín gets up every morning at 4:15 am to get transportation to go to work and then return to his home past 8:00 pm. Attention, Joaquin is a state bus driver, one of the many Girón still rolling through the … Continued

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The almendrones have become essential for transport in the capital of Cuba / Photo: Raquel Perez.

Private transportation, expensive and dangerous

In Cuba the private sector carries most of the passengers inside the republic with horse-drawn carriages and in Havana with old American cars of the 40s and 50s, popularly known as “almendrones”. They are a mixture of taxi and bus, … Continued

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Although they pompously announce the exact weight of each dish, the portions are always lower / Photo: Raquel Perez.

Gastronomy, from illusion to reality

The Cuban government has announced it will pass to cooperatives 13,000 cafes and restaurants belonging to the State. The move will give a new boost to non-state economic sector, whose numbers had stagnated in the half a million workers. A … Continued

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Jorge used to raise goats before opening his cafe, one of the most successful of Havana / Photo: Raquel Perez.

The Mexican

Jorge Luis Perez is the owner of one of the most popular cafes in Havana. It is located in a remote spot in Guanabacoa municipality but very close to road coming from the eastern beaches, so many people make a … Continued

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