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Never public transportation has worked well in Cuba, not even when they had Soviet aid / Photo: Raquel Perez.

The sad story of Cuban transportation

There are few sectors in Cuba that have accumulated so much inefficiency for many years as the public transportation. Things didn’t work well even in the time of plenty, when Soviet aid was counted by billions and oil was paid … Continued

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Although they pompously announce the exact weight of each dish, the portions are always lower / Photo: Raquel Perez.

Gastronomy, from illusion to reality

The Cuban government has announced it will pass to cooperatives 13,000 cafes and restaurants belonging to the State. The move will give a new boost to non-state economic sector, whose numbers had stagnated in the half a million workers. A … Continued

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Riña de gallos

Cubans and gambling

On January 1, 1959, the Cubans took to the streets to celebrate the fall of dictator Fulgencio Batista. Interestingly, their anger was focused on parking meters and casinos, many of which were destroyed by the people. Paying for parking was … Continued

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What do Cubans do in summer?

Since the 50 Cubans didn’t suffer from the heat as they did this summer, so beaches, camping sites, swimming pools and hotels have been filled. Economic liberalization and the end of the prohibitions opened new possibilities. For 15 years access … Continued

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Aduana en el Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí de La Habana. Foto: Raquel Pérez.

Bitter prohibitions

For several months the reform process in Cuba is leaving a bitter taste in the mouth of the Cubans, killing the hopes that had been aroused by the opening of self-employment, access to hotels, the sale of homes or the … Continued

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Ópera de la Calle

Culture invades the streets

Many Cuban artists have given their work a social projection that transcends their work and impact on ordinary people. Teaching art in the streets, turn their neighborhood into a gallery, take opera to the neighborhoods and repair houses for their … Continued

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Paquete Semanal en Cuba

The Cuban YouTube

The Weekly Package emerged in 2008 as an idea of a visionary, YoePC, who laid the foundation for a business that now provides income to thousands of Cubans, worth tens of millions of dollars a year and has become a … Continued

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Basurero en La Habana

Smothered or recycled??

In 1855 the Indian Chief Seattle, from the Washington Territory, warned us: “After several days, the dying does not feel the stench of his own body. You continue polluting your bed, and one night you will die suffocated in your … Continued

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Deep down

OnCuba opens a new space for reasearch journalism which will delve into the issues that interest Cubans the most. The journalists of our section ¨Deep down¨ will dissert the reality from different angles, using a language where the internet user … Continued

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