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Labor discipline is not a characteristic of the state gastronomy; clerks are more attentive to their private business than to the customers / Photo: Leyda Machado

State Gastronomy “on the left”

La Rusa knows no other trade, has no experience in other workplace having worked as a gastronomic since she was 16 years old, and already accumulates another 30 behind counters. So this woman is no stranger to any secret of … Continued

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Currently the capital repairs of El Recodo are fully assumed by the partners through a bank loan; same variant was used by El Carmelo for some constructive improvements in its premises / Photo: Julio Batista.

Cooperatives, a year later

Just over a year ago the first non agricultural cooperatives saw the light, a form to which clung to September 2014 a figure of 498 groups with the aspiration of economic improvements and direct participation in company profits. After this … Continued

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Neptuno Bar / Photo: Jorge Carrasco.

The croquette is ordinary

Whoever invented the phrase probably went through a state cafes on Neptuno Street, perhaps by the Neptuno Bar in Central Havana, on the corner of Marqués Gonzalez and, after looking at the dumpy tablet which also read Ronda Rum, Aromas … Continued

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Carreras de "Arañas"

J., a fan of horse racing

There was five years ago in Güira de Melena town, in Mayabeque province, a memorable funeral. The Express, a golden horse that never lost a race or money to its owner or those betting on him, died at the end … Continued

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Fútbol en Cuba

Baseball and betting

When on September 21 the Matanzas and Pinar del Rio teams meet in Capitan San Luis stadium to start the 54th National Baseball Series, in many parts of the capital, I would dare to say that the entire country will … Continued

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The caps

“Several men got on the bus and sat down and began to bet with caps until a girl fell for it. Within minutes they had taken all her money, watch and got out before she could react, ” a A … Continued

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Gallos finos

Fighting cocks, the fine limits of a tradition

The breeding and fight of cocks in Cuba is much more than a sport or fertile land for gamblers: is essentially a lifestyle and the strongest tradition in the Cuban countryside, so entrenched that in the country cock fighting is … Continued

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Listas de la Bolita

Lottery: the national game (+ Infographics)

“Everyone plays the lotto in Cuba. It doesn’t matter that it is illegal and you can go to jail for up to four years. Here, everybody has bet at least one peso to a number, “says Ricardo, 57, with that … Continued

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Riña de gallos

Cubans and gambling

On January 1, 1959, the Cubans took to the streets to celebrate the fall of dictator Fulgencio Batista. Interestingly, their anger was focused on parking meters and casinos, many of which were destroyed by the people. Paying for parking was … Continued

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