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Las playas de Este son uno de los destinos más populares del verano / Foto: Ariel Montenegro.

A ride to the beach!

The obvious choice in Havana during summer is the beach. Thousands of people daily travel to the Havana’s Eastern beaches Guanabo, one of the most visited beaches in the north coast in the capital, is 20 kilometers from the city. … Continued

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What do Cubans do in summer?

Since the 50 Cubans didn’t suffer from the heat as they did this summer, so beaches, camping sites, swimming pools and hotels have been filled. Economic liberalization and the end of the prohibitions opened new possibilities. For 15 years access … Continued

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Las piscinas de particulares se han convertido en una opción para un sector de cubanos con ingresos medios / Foto: Raquel Pérez.

The Street of the Swimming pools

Now 236 Street in the Abel Santamaría is known throughout Havana as “The Street of the Swimming pools “. The Abel Santamaria neighborhood in Fontanar, Boyeros municipality, was once a residential neighborhood. In the 50s dozens of elegant houses with … Continued

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Familias y vecinos juntan ahorros para hacer “turismo nacional” / Foto: J.J Nieves.

Cuban hotel customers rather than a plague have become lifesavers

The sudden entrance of Cuban customers as a sourceof incomes for the tourist industry in Cuba has regularized after the government decided to open this market for them in 2009. Even though specific numbers are not available, there has been … Continued

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La oferta de paquetes a Europa ha tenido mucha más acogida de la esperada, ya han viajado 250 cubanos / Foto: Julio Batista.

Italy, “all inclusive”

Since last July Cubans that have 3000 CUC can enjoy sightseeing in Europe. Although the news has not caused too much commotion among the population perhaps because that option is still a pipe dream for the vast majority it is … Continued

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Punishing those who give us so much

They are the main diplomatic letter of Cuba, the most important source of income for the country, but nevertheless they were also affected by new customs restrictions that will come into force on September 1, 2014 Tens of thousands of … Continued

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This is not the end of smuggling

“Other measures against could have been taken against who carry goods to Cuba for commercial purposes, provided in previous customs regulations, which only have to be enforced,” explains a doctor working as a volunteer in Africa and adds that ” … Continued

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Venta de autos en Cuba

Prices of cars without popular support

Six months after the prices of new cars rose by 800 percent, all Cuba dealerships have sold 50 used vehicles and not a single one brand new. Thousands of doctors, artists, journalists and diplomats were left with the desire to … Continued

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Aduana en el Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí de La Habana. Foto: Raquel Pérez.

Bitter prohibitions

For several months the reform process in Cuba is leaving a bitter taste in the mouth of the Cubans, killing the hopes that had been aroused by the opening of self-employment, access to hotels, the sale of homes or the … Continued

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Agencia de autos en La Habana

An “explosive” letter

For years, the State sold used cars, dropped from rental agencies, through an official letter attesting that the holder had enough savings, foreign currency earned abroad. The queues were made of thousands of people, including diplomats, artists, journalists, health collaborators … Continued

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