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Parcels to Cuba: martyrdom does not end

When irregularities in the sending of parcels to Cuba seemed to be giving a break to, a crushing blow came: the new regulations of Customs. The valid essence of no allowing imports of commercial value attracted, however, the upsetting of … Continued

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Cine 3D en La Habana

Underground self-employed

The prohibition of 3D cinemas and shops selling clothes has been among the most unpopular measures taken by the government because it made clothing more expensive for Cubans and eliminated the only entertainment in neighborhoods. However, in most cases the … Continued

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Paseo del Prado

A good school in the Street

Cecilio Avilés is the promoter of Imagen 3, a project that combines music, plastic arts and design. It brings together about 200 artists in the middle of the street and they offer free workshops mainly for children and the elderly … Continued

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Ópera de la Calle

Culture invades the streets

Many Cuban artists have given their work a social projection that transcends their work and impact on ordinary people. Teaching art in the streets, turn their neighborhood into a gallery, take opera to the neighborhoods and repair houses for their … Continued

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José Fuster

“With the poor in this earth” (+ Video)

(The costs of the works Fuster develops in his neighborhood are financed with the selling of his paintings / Images: Raquel Pérez.) “The Project started in 1994, in the midst of the Special Period (economic crisis), and it is a … Continued

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Silvio Rodríguez

Silvio Rodríguez: “I wouldn´t know how to live any other way”

-In the concerts (free) through the neighborhoods I found a way, the right way. -These are recording studios that are not self-sufficient, they are always in red. I finance them with my tours abroad, like everything else I do in … Continued

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Paquete Semanal en Cuba

What’s in a week’s package?

A week’s package is as varied and different as many deliverers there may be. Variations in the content depend on who prepares the package and how many people it gets in touch with. However, they are pretty much homogeneous. The … Continued

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Paquete Semanal en Cuba

The Cuban YouTube

The Weekly Package emerged in 2008 as an idea of a visionary, YoePC, who laid the foundation for a business that now provides income to thousands of Cubans, worth tens of millions of dollars a year and has become a … Continued

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Reciclaje de basura en Cienfuegos

Cleaning and making money: a possible combination

The city of Cienfuegos employs thousands of dollars each month to contain dirt and deterioration of public health caused by the negligence of many of its inhabitants and the material insufficiencies of its collection system. Authorities of the also known … Continued

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