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In 2015 the business system will maintain financial benefits that impact on capitalization, productivity and efficiency, starting by the retention of 50 percent of profits after tax / Photo: Roberto Ruiz.

2015 economic data

In late 2014 the deputies to the National People’s Assembly approved the Plan of Economics for 2015 and the State Budget Law of the current period. During the sessions of the VIII Legislature was learned that the largest amounts of … Continued

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Foto: Periódico Trabajadores.

Cuban biotechnology

BioCubaFarma aims at exporting about 5 076 million dollars in the next five years. This Group of Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industries was founded in November 2012 and is in charge of the processing of materials by biological agents for producing … Continued

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Point of departure (Infographic)

Bad winds blowing in 2013 In 2013 the Cuban economy was very much affected by the ravages of Hurricane Sandy, which hit the eastern part of the island in late 2013. Total losses amounted to about $7 billion. Food prices … Continued

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Car market in Cuba: Antillean surrealism

Until September 2011 , when Decree No. 292 of the Council of Ministers and other complementary ministerial resolutions entered into force, Cubans could only buy or sell cars manufactured before the Triumph of the Revolution , that is, before 1959 … Continued

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Economy & Business: Annual Summary

2012: How many of us are there? According to the 2012 Population and Housing Census, Cuba has a population of 11,167,325: about 10,418 fewer than what was counted by the 2002 Census. About 18.3 percent are 60 or older, while … Continued

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A yearning for beef

Cubans born in the last 20 years are unlikely to associate their country’s physical landscape with a cow; not so with its cultural landscape. The tradition brought by the Spanish and that developed in the 20th century, “from Canadian cows … Continued

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Foreign investment in Cuba (Infographic)

When the 1995 foreign investment law, Law 77, was passed, it was an innovation, the outcome of urgently needed adjustments to economic policy that arose following the Special Period. It sought to ease the profound crisis and to set out, … Continued

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A paean to sugar cane

That “white gold” was such an important part of shaping the nation that some economic sectors worked successfully to propagate the myth that “without sugar there would be no country.”

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