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Poor harvest, better sugar

The 2012-2013 harvest that ended recently reached only 89 percent of expected sugar production, according to the president of Azcuba, Orlando Celso Garcia. These figures mean, however, 15.6 percent increase from the previous harvest. Among the causes for not achieving … Continued

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Economic & Social Scene. Cuba 2012

The National Bureau of Statistics and Information (ONEI) just released the publication “Economic and Social. Cuba 2012 “, which is a document that anticipates the content of what the Statistical Yearbook of Cuba 2012, edition 2013 will be. This contains … Continued

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Heberprot-P: medical breakthrough and commercial promise

A product of Cuban science has benefited more than one hundred thousand patients. Since  itsimplementation began, the Heberprot-P has become hope and comfort to thousands of diabetics, not only in Cuba. It was born in the laboratories of the Center … Continued

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Terralismo: cultivar el cambio

Terralismo: cultivating change

Ben Nicholson takes a quick break in the shade and mops his brow with a handkerchief, and then continues wandering the urban garden’s 10.7 hectares. He carries a notebook and wears boots and a hat. It’s hotter here than back … Continued

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Record industry: the ways of the Web

Marketing platforms of Cuban music on the Internet operate taking into account how international trends move. In 2012, the music industry had its best performance since 1998 worldwide, largely due to the incorporation of new digital services.

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Postpanamax era: an opportunity for Cuba?

Prominent Cuban economist Pedro Monreal González outlines the reorganization of international trade and opportunities for Cuba from what he calls the “Postpanamax era “when the new Panama canal becomes fully operational in 2015.

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Will vendors low prices of agricultural products?

To say that the price of a particular good “is extremely high” is an undisputable fact: its exchange value is so high that it becomes unaffordable for a majority. However, in the case of agricultural products, a more proper expression … Continued

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A bestseller for Self-employed people

It was among academics that the conversation started on the one topic that also was on the lips of many Cubans. The fact is that every day private businesses are blooming everywhere, like seeds in fertile soil. Then a colleague … Continued

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A flourishing business

We are approaching a happy day. It is especially so for flower sellers. Although one of the commandments of the Cuban self-employed people is “Do never admit how well you are doing,” this business is thriving, both for farmers and … Continued

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