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Entreprise with intelligense

That is an imperative. If professionals don’t bring their competency into play in non-state forms of employment, it’s going to be much harder to solve strategic matters for the country that are currently being addressed with imports or not at all.

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Cuba-Venezuela: clear skies

Just eight days after his proclamation as president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Moro traveled to Havana on April 27 to take care personally ratify the course of bilateral relations since 2004 set by the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement , by the … Continued

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Public spaces, private businesses

Paintball in Havana, a new fashion among youngs that "shot to kill" with colorful ammunition.

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Theory and Practice in the Guidelines on the economic and social policy

An interesting and significant transformation process, identified as updating of the economic model, has started in all sectors of the Cuban economy, with significant implications for social and political aspects of the nation. These changes have been reflected in the … Continued

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Underground Economy: from the streets to the web

The centralization of retail by the state and lack of supplies with decent quality / quantity standards that were able to cope with the national consumer’s demands allowed the consolidation and the rapid growth of a buy-sell option that made easier for any citizen, although he would usually do it, to become seller or buyer as needed.

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Entre números

Foreign direct investment and the updating of the Cuban economic model

“Since 2008, the Cuban economy is stagnant. In 2011 GDP growth was 2.7%, below the average for Latin America and the Caribbean (4.3%). Official growth forecast for 2012-2015 was revised downwards from 5.1% to 4.4%. The main objective of the … Continued

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How to avoid failure in private business

Since the easing up on the regulations for self-employment at the end of 2010 in Cuba, the number of self-employed workers registered a sharp increase: from just over 150,000 to nearly 400,000, according information made available in November 2012. However … Continued

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Cattle and longings

Reinaldo Funes Monzote spent all Saturday March 30 at Boyeros, retracing the Agroindustrial International Food Fair, which everyone has baptized, shortened as Agricultural Fair. It’s his job. He doesn’t raise cows or saddles horses, or drives herds. He moves around … Continued

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Economía cubana

Continuing economic transformations

When the new Council of State was elected on Feb. 24, 2013 for the next five years, along with the five presidents and the first vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers, it was evident that this generational … Continued

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