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Cuban foreign trade: between lights and shadows

The open nature of the Cuban economy and its external dependency condition that the evolution of its business relationships is a key variable to explain the problems faced and assess future prospects. Therefore, it is essential to know the challenges … Continued

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José Fraga: "We want to replace the majority of chemical fertilizers and insecticides within three years and also export" / Photo: Raquel Pérez.

Labiofam, a company that looks to the future

It is one of the most successful companies in Cuba despite being 100 percent state-run. Its structure and working mechanisms are perfectly inserted in the economic changes taking place in the island. Labiofam is not only self-financing and reinvests its … Continued

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Sales of Cuba to the EU mainly include fuels, minerals, oils and traditional items such as cigars, rum, nickel, scrap metal, and sugar / Photo: Rolando Pujol.

Cuba and the European Union closer in trade

In 2013, transactions with the European Union-and the continent in general accounted for 28.3 percent of Cuba’s foreign trade. This figure breaks down into 36.7 percent of Cuban exports to the EU market and 25.9 percent of national imports from … Continued

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What paths lead to ZEDM?

Projects for industry, agribusiness, renewable energy and biotechnology, are included in the portfolio of opportunities offered by Special Zone Development Mariel (ZEDM). Speaking to reporters at the launch of the ZEDM at the International Fair of Havana, Ana Teresa Igarza, … Continued

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Complejo turístico Royalton Cayo Santa María

A Blue Diamond in Cuba

With only three years of operation in Cuba, Canada’s Blue Diamond company does not give up its attempt to stand on top of the chains with greater presence and prestige in this Caribbean destination, in which already operates six facilities … Continued

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The Ambassador of the PRC on the stand of Nantong Xin Li Ji, chatting with Gu Junqiu, the Group´s Chairman / Photo courtesy of the author.

Chinese companies look closely at the changes in Cuba

Like every year, the country’s largest fairgrounds, EXPOCUBA, rents its pavilions to Cuban and foreign exhibitors looking for new business opportunities, collaboration, and investment. According to the official website of the event, the XXXII International Trade Fair of Havana FIHAV … Continued

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Zona Especial de Desarrollo Mariel

The Special Development Zone Mariel from within

After working two years in the Special Development Zone Mariel (ZEDM) Yasmany Cruz Garcia has purchased several appliances and other small things that contribute to a better quality of life. Although he is just an ironworker in DINVAI, his salary … Continued

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Cuba and Angola: Business is business

Although relations between Havana and Luanda are some decades old, economic and trade ties seem to have strengthened more recently. This can be inferred by the mutual visits by officials, and the president José Eduardo Dos Santos last June; and … Continued

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Cuban doctors

Containers of knowledge

Today, Cuba’s main export good goes out of its airports in the head of the temporary travelers. In the case of the island, if we are talking of foreign trade, the times of huge amounts of cane sugar, cigars, coffee … Continued

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Cuba’s foreign trade relations

The evolution of the Cuban economy in recent years has been influenced by several processes: the international economic crisis; the application of the “Economic and Social Policy Guidelines” which sum up the changes are taking place in the country’s economic … Continued

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