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Bazar La Copa

Industrial property and self-employment in Cuba

How to protect the identity of a business? What are the guarantees on the exclusiveness of rights regarding its identity? How to “coin” the property of an invention, a model or a certain service? This and other similar issues on … Continued

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Industria de Envases y Embalajes

Producing, packaging and packing

The packaging industry is another sector for potential investments in Cuba. Recently, as part of the CubaIndustria Convention, the 2014 Havanapak international conference devoted its discussions to raw materials, quality, design, logistics, warehousing, domestic and international laws, health fitness and … Continued

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Real estate companies on the web

THE REAL ESTATE BUSINESS IS GAINING FORCE on the Cuban market and in private initiative. The recent legalization of property sales among private individuals, the Cuban population’s need for housing, and the availability of real estate are the main causes … Continued

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CubaIndustria 2014: Time to do Business

Representatives from more than 50 countries and some 270 companies will meet in the Havana´s Convention Center and PABEXPO Exhibition grounds to participate in the first International Convention of the Cuban Industry, CubaIndustria 2014, confirmed the bulletin Business in Cuba, … Continued

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Good signs to invest in Cuban oil

Authorities and businessmen in the country this week are participating in the XXI World Petroleum Congress in Moscow, where they will present the possibilities of foreign investment in hydrocarbons. The meeting will be a great business opportunity for the island, … Continued

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Bank accounts available for non-agricultural cooperatives

The Central Bank of Cuba (BCC by its acronym in Spanish) published in the Gaceta Oficial (Official Gazzette), in PDF format, the Regulations on bank accounts to be used by first degree non-agricultural cooperatives (CNA by its acronym in Spanish). … Continued

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Cuba-EU: a complex dialogue

The first priority is to institutionalize a relation that has been out of the ordinary. If a bilateral agreement is reached, it would be a contradiction for the EU to maintain the Common Position, stated Eduardo Perera, expert on European … Continued

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Spain could invest more in Cuba

With a fairly stable and beneficial to both countries trade flow, Spain stands as the third largest trading partner of Cuba, after Venezuela and China; and opportunities to increase trade and investment flows are even higher due to the reforms … Continued

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The Cuban state enterprise leaves, finally, the twentieth century

The new measures taken to streamline the operations of the State Socialist Company in Cuba, recently announced, match the process of adjustments needed to include the island in a coherent dynamic model with proven performance and the proper decentralization of … Continued

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Brazil: One of the Main Commercial Partners of Cuba

Since 2008, the Brazilian Agency of Export Promotion and Investment, Apex-Brazil, has had a Business Center in Havana. In this time, the bilateral commerce has increased 9.2%, and at the end of 2013, reached 624 million dollars. Such sums place … Continued

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