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Cuba: an aging society

You only have to walk the streets of Cuban cities, or visit any place, to realize that everywhere you find a great amount of old people, something that certainly has a good side and one not as good.

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Music that Never Left

Since last Thursday, August 9, I have received several phone calls from correspondents accredited in Havana, as well as from one or the other European broadcasting station, with the purpose of asking me about the lifting by the Island’s authorities of the censure, restriction or silencing of musicians belonging to the Cuban diaspora. I suppose they contact me because the news about the publication within the next months of my book Músicos de Cuba y del mundo: Nadie se va del todo somehow has broken through.

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The cooperative leaves the countryside

In this 2012 International Year of Cooperatives, as declared by the United Nations, Cuba announced how it plans to boost and spread, as an experiment in a first phase, this form of ownership so far only allowed in the agricultural sector, and due to the fact that cooperatives are, in essence, more social than other non-state forms of management, they will be encouraged, according to official sources.

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Scarabeo 9: Third Time is a Charm?

First the Spanish oil company Repsol found a dry well. Now Cubapetroleo (CUPET) just announced that Scarabeo 9, the drill rig used by Gazpromneft (Russia) and PC Gulf (Malaysia) found what they were looking for, but not in significant quantities and conditions that could be considered a commercial discovery.

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Strike-out to a Golden Opportunity

It seems untrue, but it is the crude reality. The organizers of the Caribbean Baseball Series denied Cuba’s request to participate as “guest league” and by the way radically cut off its possible return to the traditional regional championship. The request made by the largest of the Antilles consisted in participating as guest instead of becoming a permanent member due to its impossibility to pay the membership fee.

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The Longest Festivity

There’s no one home. As customary at this time of the year, the homes are empty in Santiago. Where is everyone? At Trocha, Carretera del Morro, Martí Street, Sueño Street, at the carnival. During an entire week men, women, children and older persons form a burning whirl that assaults the streets of Santiago to dance at the most glorious conga rhythm. Music floods every corner of the village for 168 hours leaving place for nothing else; one goes home only to recover the essential energy to continue the feast.

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A Boy and His Boot

The birth of the town of Gloriosa Santa Clara occurred on July 15, 1689 under a leafy tamarind. There, mass was said for the neighbors who had come from San Juan de los Remedios – eighth village founded by the Spaniards in the Island and Monument City – to found this new village.

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The National Assembly of People’s Power Met

The 9th Ordinary Period of Sessions of the Second Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power ended a new work period that focused its analysis on economic, health and education issues, plus other matters of importance for the population.

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