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Photo Claudio Peláez Sordo

Two in El Vedado

Café Laurent   With the city at your feet, you can enjoy one of the most recommended author cuisines in Cuba. This restaurant, located on a high floor of a building from the 1950s, is like a homage to vintage … Continued

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Nur. Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.

NUR: “There Will Always be Stories to be Told”

María Stefania Diez Moreno, NUR (Havana, 1978). Daughter of renowned craft artists, her home was also the site where visual artists, musicians, poets, craftspeople and theater people frequently gathered: “ever since I was a child I felt the need to … Continued

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Los propietarios Nora Belanzauran y Otto Hermos mantuvieron la mesa de estilo barroco de la década de 1950 y las sillas en suite en una casa de mediados de siglo diseñada por el maestro moderno Frank Martínez. Las persianas de madera y vidrieras de colores son características de la arquitectura de estilo moderno tropical. Foto: Alain Gutiérrez.

The Houses Hermes Mallea Discovers in Havana

Even though he has built a successful career in the United States and still prefers English to communicate with others, Hermes Mallea feels increasingly more linked to Cuba. Fourteen years ago he experienced a return to the roots, to the … Continued

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Rum Museum. Photo: Gabriel Guerra Bianchini.

A Great Museum for a Great Rum

Havana Club rum is undoubtedly one of the best worldwide. Its origins and the universe of its barrels, tastings, combination, aromas, mixtures and essences make up a very attractive philosophy of drinking linked to enjoyment. Many are the persons who … Continued

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ALOCUBANO: The Cuba My Eyes See

I’ve been posting photos on Facebook since 2010. The idea of opening an album in my profile and that it be called Alocubano appeared when I started having photos I liked and that weren’t the usual ones – with friends, … Continued

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Cuban Long Jump´s athlete Juan Miguel Echevarría (center) after winning the World Championship in Birmingham, England. Next to him: southafrican Luvo Manyonga (left), silver medal, and north-american Marquis Dendy (right), bronze. Photo: ESPN.

Juan Miguel Echevarría’s Long Jumps

In the early morning hours of September 28, 2000, in La Guernica, a “trouble-making barrio” in the north zone of the city of Camagüey, a few fanatics were awake, cursing the luck of a hairy Australian. Jay Taurima, an electric … Continued

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Carlos Lazo and his son, who joined him on his most recent trip to Havana with his north-american students. Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.

Teacher Lazo

Carlos Lazo, a Cuban teacher from Seattle, has gone viral in some social media after having published a video in which he sings with his young U.S. students the song “Cuba Isla Bella,” by the Cuban hip hop trio Orishas. … Continued

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Ajiaco Café. Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.

Cuba’s Flavors

A culinary expert. Daughter of the founder of the famous Rancho Luna and El Ajibe restaurants, she learned from him to value the culinary and food culture not just as a delight but also as a fundamental space to understand … Continued

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Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.

Cruise Tourism to Cuba: the Sweet and the Sour

On Friday, April 27, the book Por el Mar de las Antillas: 50 años de turismo de cruceros en el Caribe, by Martha Honey, Jannelle Wilkins, José Luis Perelló and Rafael Betancourt, was presented in Havana. Brought out by the … Continued

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Billboard: Dance in the streets

The 23rd International Dance Festival in Urban Spaces Old Havana: City in Movement just started in the capital historical center. The date will take place until Sunday for you to dance everywhere. We invite you to join this movement, go … Continued

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