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Hemingway multiplied in Havana

It’s not a hallucination, and you’re not seeing double. These men really do look like that writer from the United States. They are members of the Hemingway Look-Alike Society and they recently visited Havana, along with Brian Gordon, the actor … Continued

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Celebrating the Industriales’ 50th birthday… in Miami

A completely unprecedented event is being organized for late July: the Industriales team will arrive in Miami to celebrate its 50th birthday. Thousands of followers of this emblematic Cuban baseball team will be able to enjoy a reunion they have … Continued

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Michel Miglis

A Swede in Havana

Seventeen years ago, Michel Miglis came to Havana. A Swedish friend had invited him to work on a documentary about Gregorio Fuentes, the former captain of Ernest Hemingway’s boat. At the time, Miglis was living in Jamaica and working as … Continued

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The Habano is a leading product on the world market, with an exclusive flavor that comes from the nature of the soil where its tobacco is grown and from our island’s climate, along with the knowledge and experience of Cuba’s tobacco growers. The Habano represents a designation of origin reserved for a selection of the most prominent brands of cigars, which are made following the strictest guidelines. Most are made totally by hand using Cuban methods that were first used in Havana almost two centuries ago.

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The goat that breaks the drum Facts and myths about the Abakuá

They lead the mbori (goat) to the Temple. The drums have been beating since dawn; the “plante” gets started, and “the leopard roars…” The words “Abakuá” and “Ñañigo” provoke both fascination and fear. Myths and prejudices surround the social behavior and beliefs of an organization that was founded in 1836, in the Regla district of Havana.

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3, 2, 1… POLO!

And with a blast of the whistle, Cuba’s hottest new sport gets underway in Havana’s Vedado neighborhood. Whacking a little ball while pedaling at top speed, the goal approaching fast, a defender’s mallet poised to knock your shot sounds like a special kind of Cuban madness. Yet bike polo, an adaptation of the same sport played on horseback, was invented in 1891 by a feisty Irishman.

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Havana time machine operators

Photos: Alejandro Ramírez Anderson A city is its inhabitants, and its history — its great epics and its more modest episodes, its everyday stories. It is its idiosyncrasy, its ways of being and doing; it is a space for longings, dreams, frustrations and hopes…. A city is alive, and it has a memory; knowing where it comes from is a useful clue for imagining where it is going.

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Polski Power

Photos the autor A hush descends over the clutch of girls on the corner; kids point and leap; and heads turn like a La Tropical rueda as Emir González drives past. His ride isn’t a Hummer or Harley or Bel Air older than Obama. González drives a Polski Fiat 126p, Cuba’s smallest – and in his case, fastest – car.

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Bruise-proof brotherhood

Photos: Alain L. Gutiérrez It might seem absurd that a friendship and solid brotherhood could be forged on the basis of bruises and blows. But it can, because practicing rugby brings men together and makes them into one big family.

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